blade arc

is blade arc counted as a default weapon attack that triggers the passives of the soldier?

No, it can’t trigger weapon proc skills.

only cadence?

Cadence is the only soldier skill that will do it, yeah. And on every third hit, the Cadence effect will overwrite any proc skills.

so cadence is not that recommended?

Well, it’s not ideal. I’d say it’s still worth it, since 2/3 of your attacks will still work with procs, but a lot of people would disagree with me.

My Blade arc toon uses LMB for Blade Arc and ignores Cadence. You cannot LMB both.

does it work with blade arc path maxed as main attack?

i combined it with occultist but i have no plans how to build it,we´ll see

anyone using that?

I like the transmuted version with something like savagery/beronath, seems better with the DOT it applies

ok i am at level 38(Witchblade ) right now in veteran and bleed damage with bladearc + huntress is melting everything, also the tankiness works pretty well right now .

What i am interested in, is a bleeding build working in higher difficulties (Given that i got the right equipment)?

Yes, but not as a Witchblade. Go for Warder or Trickster. I guess some weird Blademaster with Blade arc and Ring of steel, using a 2h weapon could work. Then again, there are better things to do with a blademaster than focus on bleeding.

Trickster is imo the best bleeding build because the rotation of Devouring swarm, Grasping wines and Ring of steel (with 22/12 Circle of slaughter), coupled with savagery hits in between will get you 150k bleeding crits. You need good weapons (Bloodsong + Brutallax) to pull it off though.

Edit: with Witchblade, you should focus more on physical damage. You can get massive physical resistance reduction with Curse, Black matriarch ring, War cry and Assassin’s mark. The bleeding will be a welcome bonus for killing bosses, but focus on being able to 1-shot rooms with physical damage Blade arc.

the weapon bloodsong applies a big bleed and i dunno if its intentional but for every DIFFERENT attack it applies a new version and stacks, so a nightblade dw procs would apply a million different versions of it and get huge ticks. probably any dw nightblade can make it work. dont remember but does CoF reduce bleed resist?

CoF does -% bleed. So does shaman’s swarm but I think CoF is a better skill. Huntress devotion also -% bleed.

Although you can use swarm to apply the Huntress devo which is nice.

ok i will try first with bleeding ( i switched to 2 handed in the meantime)
If that won´t work,can you give me a witchblade physical build? i already maxed the soldier mastery and have a few points in the occultist one

no one?

is there a good 2 handed bleeding weapon level 50+ ?

Check out

Look for Guillotine.

Some good bleeding 2H: Empowered Farmstead Liberator&Boneshard Lacerator or to some extent: Blessed Cleaver of Mogdrogen, The Guillotine, Wildblood Crusher or Stonefist Rebuke.

My vote goes for Empowered Farmstead Liberator

oh ok,that sounds good,until now i am using the regular Farmstead Liberator which works pretty well