[Blademaster Dual Wielding] The war-born Rizzla, Death's Demise Solo Glad Crucible 6th Spawn

The story about Him

Born on the battlefield
Parents murdered
Grew up in the Black Legion

Banished due to connection with the Aetherials

Then came the Grim Dawn
He was summoned by his teacher to save the people of Cairn

His only enemy is himself
Killing is his art. If he stops, he dies

Will he save you or kill you?

The war-born Rizzla, Death´s Demise

Concept of this Build

  • Crucible Gladiator - End Game Build | Video of Gladiator Crucible in here https://youtu.be/5VWmHkOToy4
  • Dual Wielding + Tanky + good Amount of CC (Stun, Knockdown and Terrify)
  • A good balance between OA | DA | Armor
  • Main Damage Physical & Internal Trauma (bit of Bleed & Pierce) + Pierceretaliation & Damage Reflect
  • Update Able to farm Crucible on Gladiator solo with 6th Spawn. Without craftable Potions. No Banner. No Cruciblebuffs. Only Factionpotions used.
  • Edge of Reality, Captain John Bourbon done (Video will be made to lazy for it atm)
  • Mogdrogen in Progress :wink:

Grim Calc

http://grimcalc.com/build/tLbxF5j without bonuses/gear + Physique/Cunning/Spirit
http://grimcalc.com/build/9NLxlcS with bonuses/gear


  • Active Skills: Blitz, Blade Arc, Cadence, War Cry, Ring of Steel, Pneumatic Burst, Blade Barrier

  • Passive Skills: Oleron’s Rage, Counter Strike, Field Command, Veil of Shadow

Gear + Augments


Warborn Gavel with Oleron’s Blood & Outcast’s Might

Reaver’s Claw with Imbued Silver & Outcast’s Might (playin around with Oleron’s Fervor atm)


Head - Warborn Visor with Sanctified Bone & Mankind’s Vigil

Chest - Warborn Chestguard with Kilrian’s Shattered Soul & Mankind’s Vigil

Shoulders - Warborn Pauldrons with Antivenom Salve & Mankind’s Vigil

Legs - Hellforged Legplates with Scaled Hide & Mankind’s Vigil

Hands - Grasp of Unchained Might with Unholy Inscription & Mogdrogen’s Touch

Feet - Golemborn Greaves with Mark of Mogdrogen & Venomguard Powder

Waist - Tinker’s Ingenuity with Antivenom Salve & Mankind’s Vigil


Ring 1 - Open Hand of Mercy with Corpse Dust & Kymon’s Fury <- Faction Kymon’s Chosen

Ring 2 - Closed Fist of Vengeance with Soul Shard & Kymon’s Fury <- Faction Kymon’s Chosen

Amulet - Avenger of Cairn with Focusing Prism & Consecrated Silver

Medal - Mark of Divinity with Vicious Jawbone

Relic - Menhir’s Bastion


With Selfbuffs (Passive Skills)

With Selfbuffs and Proc’s

Armor Rating with Proc´s and Fractionpotion (Courageous Tincture - Homestead)

Most Damage Dealt | Damage Modifier with Proc’s

Devotion & Skillbinding

Goal was a possible high damage with a good survivalbility and of course that the Devotion fits to the skills in all way. You can see there is only a little offtime-window between the Devotions and Skills. Cooldowns are almost equal @ War Cry and Shield Wall & Ring of Steel and Dryad’s Blessing.
This is the current one - No Banner - No craftable Potion on Crucible :wink: (the one in the Video was a little different)


LMB = Cadence
RMB = Blitz

R = Pneumatic Burst
S = War Cry (IgetYouAllButton)
4 = Healthpotion
F & D = Menhir’s Bastion (HolyMolyButton)
W = Blade Arc
Q = Oleron’s Blood
E = Ring of Steel
A = Blade Barrier (OhMyDearButton)

2 = Factionpotion

Mouse 5 = Factionpotion


Charge in :wink: Enjoy :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Press S - Armor Increased (Shield Wall & first Golembornproc)

Press W - Blade Arc

Focus Target - Press Q

Meanwhile Kilrian’s Shattered Soul proc`s and heals you.

Trigger Dryad’s with pushing E - Ring of Steel. For Heal and Posion/Bleed reduced duration if needed and Damage.

Meanwhile first proc from Judicator RingSet - More Damage More Def more Heal.

WarbornSetBonus proc’s :cool:

Refresh Pneumatic Burst (Press R) or use it earlier if heal needed.


For critical Bossfight (Mad Queen, Bourbon) and for Massfights like in Crucible or if something unusual happens u got Menhir’s Bastion on Button D&F.
And on top of this i use the 2 Factionpotions. But dont use them all at once.

As example:
First Slithblood Tincture.
Then Courageous Tincture.
And last Menhir’s Bastion.
Play around with the Cooldowns and on situations.

And dont Panic in Massfight you get your procs if u fight and not if you run away.

Of course sometimes u have to move a bit around. Like spank and tank.

And dont Forget! You got Blade Barrier. If u got the feeling that u will die. Use it!

Be Aware of damage reflected from enemies. You can easily apply the Internal Trauma-Dot (same Dot-Icon as Bleed) on yourself.
In worst case 12-16k over 6 seconds u have to deal with it

Min/Maxing Gear --> Craft Gear like on the Fort Icon Blacksmith (For Chaosresist as example). Head | Waist | Medal and so on.

No levelingguide to this. Sry but there so much guides for every Class how to Level it. I dont feel the need here.

Sry for my gramma and english. Its not my native language.

Big thanks at this Point @ Elizabello. Your constructive criticism! Your ideas of course and your Support!:wink:

Hope you enjoy this here a bit.

Crucible with 6th Spawn

I’m new, you can equip two weapons?, how can I do?

I’m new, you can equip two weapons?, how can I do?

As he didn’t took “dual blade” on nightblade skills i think it’s a relic.

EDIT : i just saw he’s using “menhir’s bastion” relic (for shield), then i don’t know.

On Nightbladetree - Pneumatic Burst -> Breath of Belgothian

And some Relics also enables the ability to dual wield melee weapons. Like Blademaster’s Talisman & Belgothian’s Carnage.

breath of belgothian

Here we go Crucible Gladiator with 6th Spawn.
Without Cruciblebuffs | Banner & Crafted Potions.
Only Factionpotion.

Its realy on the edge of what is possible for me with him. :rolleyes:
Have to pay Attention at every singel Wave.
Had to find out when to use which cooldown and so on. And of course some trys.

Very nice build and high resistance too (> 80%) :wink:
Great job !

Maybe I’m dumb and can’t see the obvious, but… why do you take Targo the Builder’s upper arm and ability? Reflect is pitiful, you don’t use a shield, with procs your armor massively increases, but I don’t see how that helps with anything over potentially 300 flat health and a bit of defensive ability, and something else like % health from crossroads or reduced stun duration from throne.

I will explain it in a few days. But on german then im not that good in english. Maybe some other Germans can then translate it proper.

Why on German? Becuz it will not be just a few lines. And ofc not easy for me to translate how it is in correct Content.

Because it gives a ridiculous amount of armor.

Im sure this is a noob question, but i have started the game yesterday: how can i use dual wield? XD

Im using this build, the game is very nice, and the build is fun, but i dont know how can i be dual wield. I saw the skill that allow it in Nightblade’s tab, but you have no points there.


You have to put a point into the modifier of pneumatic burst called “breath of Belgothian”

It allows dual wield without putting points in the dual blades line

Thank you!

Btw, i have some troubles with the devotion thing… Im trying to follow the guide, because idk anything about the game, so, how can be possible to enter in Eldricht, Order and Primordial stars, if he didnt pick the start in Crossroads?

The link im using: https://grimcalc.com/build/tLbxF5j

Any help about my previous question? I want to know about the devotion, and how to lvl it, its too much thing, and the Gimcalc link dont have points in the start of some devotions types.

If u got all 50 Devotionpoints u can start at Order & Primordial Crossroads.

  • Primordial: 1 in Crossroad then Sailors Guide. Remove Primordial Crossroad.

  • Order: 1 in Crossroad then Assassins Blade and Dryad. Remove Order Crossroad

  • Eldricht: 1 in Crossroad then Hawk. Remove Crossroad

  • Ascendant: 1 in Crossroad (that one stay there) then Hammer - Wolverine - Harvestmans Scythe - Rhowans Scepter - Oleron

and then at last Targo the Builder

While leveling from beginning. Im now on a HC Hero. I picked first Sailors Guide then Dryad. And then i go to Targo the Builder. For that u have to Keep Primordial and Order Crossroads till u get to Harvestmans Scythe and Assassins Blade. After that u can remove Order & Primordial Crossroads and go on the remaining things as example.
Instead of Assassins Blade i went first to Hammer Wolverine and Rhowans Scepter. After that i go to Assassins Blade and remove then the Order Crossroad.

Hope that helps a bit.

Helps A LOT!

Good to know that i can remove devotion points too, now i understand the link! Thank you!

I have another question:

Blade Arc/Laceration is really good? I have it up, but i never use it, i see no need for now, im lvl 39, starting Act 4.

I have some doubt too about lvling, the best choice is to complete the Soldier side, then move to Nightblade?

If you do not have a straight purpose - no matter what class you’ll choose first (you can always undo skill-points in ‘Spirit Guide’ NPC (in Devils Crossing).