Bleed + Internal Trauma hybrid

I’m fully aware it’s to my own detriment, but I enjoy making odd builds. I’m considering rolling a Bleed + Internal Trauma hybrid utilizing both Forcewave and Blade Arc since both skills have bleed and internal trauma damage. Likely I’d make the Blade Arc spamable while keeping Forcewave on cooldown (unless the opposite turns out to be better).

Probably played with a 1h+shield since the damage would mainly come from dots anyway and not the weapon damage itself.

I’d likely roll it as a Warlord (Soldier/Oathkeeper) since it has passive RR to both bleed and physical through the Oathkeeper pets.

Blind Fury from the devotion tree would of course be added since it is a bleed+internal trauma proc. I’d bind it to my primary attack.

Then I’d slap Rend onto the pets for further bleed RR.

I’d also have to get Assassin’s Mark in there somewhere for physical RR, but not sure where I’d get it to proc reliably. This is kind of where the idea of a hybrid spec runs into problems. If anyone has a good suggestion where to bind the skill then please tell me. I assume that Assassin’s Mark wouldn’t have a chance to proc each tick from Forcewave dots, but only from the initial hit (can anyone confirm?).

But the main issue is the gearing. I know very little about available items and sets so maybe this is what will make the build weak and unplayable. Are there any sets or items that combine bleed+internal trauma damage? Or is this build doomed to failure due to a lack of gearing options?

Any input would be appreciated.

Might start with this and get your own Devotion Path/Items you seem more fitting:
Bleeding Warlord

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plenty of items support both trauma and bleed
as for RR application, i don’t think most hybrid builds actually went for both, but went for the RR to the “main”/highest dmg type
if you do want both tho it’s not really a big problem, since the way Rend works it’s easy application so your only concern should be AM, ex on main attack, tho you will ofc need tho OA to back it up/make it proc

Thanks guys! Those are helpful for guidance and inspiration.

It looks like it’ll be a bit tight with points both in the skill trees as well as devotions considering I’d need to get points into Forcewave as well as Assassin’s Mark and Blind Fury. Then I’d need enough for survivability on top of that. I might end up just going with Blade Arc but we’ll see. I’d like to make it work if I can.

One more question: Weapon Damage. How important is that? Do Devotions scale with the % weapon damage part on a skill? I assume all flat damage does, meaning it’s quite important even for a dot build? Am I understanding this correctly?

You can see if a devotion skill uses weapon or not, it is written.

Right. I didn’t think my question through before I posted it. If I get let’s say 100 bleed damage over 3s from a devotion skill (i.e. flat damage), does this scale with my % weapon damage from Blade Arc (or any other skill with weapon damage)?

no only your global bonus

depends on the type of flat dmg
global flat dmg from a devotion constellation scales with your %weapon damage (ex left arm in berserker)
flat dmg on a devotion skill (proc) scales from your global %bonus dmg

He did write “devotion skill”

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Sorry, my bad. I meant a “node” or “passive” or whatever it’s called giving flat damage.

Again, thanks guys for the help and clarifications.

those flats are added to your wpn dmg.

Ok, so theoretically a Cadence DOT build should work pretty well then if all your DOT flat damage get a 450% or higher boost every third hit. Since we’re talking DOTs it wouldn’t matter that it’s only on every third hit.

Deadly momentum has duration and for DoTs from same source the highest tick will apply