Bleeding Rancor Trickster w/o Blades, CR 5:10 + Some Сomparison between other weapon combos[g3][sr+][c+][vid]

First for all, this is not a guide. If you want to know some useful tips use Rhylthar or Mad_lee guides instead


This setup is almost identical to classical bloodsong trickster except rancor itself and devotion route . Only one question that you give me: How this build lives without Ghoul? Answer: pretty fine(in my opinion, maybe even better than dw-setup)


Calc (slow resist craft)

==================================STAT PANEL==================================




5m 25s (would be better if you recraft all items on slow res)



===========================OTHER WEAPON COMBOS============================

5:00Bloodsong +Bone
5:09Bloodsong +Butcher
5:32Gorefeast+Butcher = Butcher+Butcher


P.S. Maybe better to nerf nightblade skills instead :slight_smile: In current state, profile bloodsongs works worse , than this ( 5:37 run with songs).


Also little screenshot to describe this situation :smile:

Rancor is getting nerffffffed!

I still don’t believe this one is faster then Bloodsongs!


Odd about no phantasmal blades.

Absolutely agree. Extra 25% RR is insainly much for this sword on strongest bleed class

Well. I don’t use it , because it requires too much investment and overall damage on them still pretty average

Nice job. :slight_smile:

No nerfs needed. And I don´t wonder that this is faster than Bloodsong.

The explanation is very easy: The nature of Bleeding Damage as pure DoT in Crucible.
You´re fast because you can switch enemies very fast. You have a lot of pets who will kill enemies with low health while you are getting the next one (if necessary). Rancor has 20 % more RR than Mad Lee´s Trickster…Bleeding and Piercing, which is important.

You don´t need a lot of armor or things like overcapped resistances (here: Chaos and Poison). And, of course…AdctH via Living Shadows helps a lot.

If you want to change anything: Give enemies in Crucible more Health and/or Bleeding Resistance. :wink:

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Thanks! But anyway Rancor should be nerfed a bit to compensate dual-bloodsong nerf(because i made tests both with bloodsongs and rancor and setup with bloodsongs now worse,especially in situations where enemies have very high bleed res)

Rancor has 1 disadvantage against Bloodsong´s…no longer duration of Bleeding. My Trickster has 500 %, which is quite useful when you have to kite in deep shards. In Crucible you don´t need this duration.

And Rancor is 2H…1 component only. If you want to nerf something about Rancor…make it 60 Bleeding/sec on Devouring Swarm. Exactly the 40 % nerf as on Bloodsong.

Don´t know which build “suffered” more after Bloodsong´s nerf. I don´t play Crucible so I don´t know how fast my build is.

Rancor maybe needs some cast speed for some pierce options though. (Imho, ie. PB, DE with conduit)

I could see a bleed nerf to RR and such.

Ah, even missed something. Vampiric Shadows as rune is great, too.

300 % Weapon Damage and Vitality converted to Pierce (via Rancor) with another 25 % AdctH. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t think dual Bloodsongs Tricksters exactly “suffered” after recent nerfs. Still top-tier builds. Your build should be 30 seconds - 1 minute slower then mine I think just by looking at GT. I think it was either Mercymaker or Sir Spanksalot who did test them both.

Why no Upheaval? It’s cheap extra dmg to 75% of your crits.

Reason is quite simple — i don’t have enough skillpoints to make upheaval 10/10(even if i remove all points in heart). In lesser values upheaval maybe even dmg loss(though i don’t know about this moment)

Unless the description is wrong it should never be dmg loss. It should go ON TOP of your un-wps-ed crits like a proc. At 1p it’s 80% extra weapon dmg and some bleed to 75% of your crits for you. Not saying it’s a game changer but use it on Stormreaver and it’s good. Certainly worth 1p.

Somewhat strange. I add upheaval 10/10 and made some runs(only 5:40-5:50). Maybe i’m somewhat unlucky, or Animation Upheaval longer than default attack(?)

Also this build can clear 75SR.

I would not put 5 points in there. They’re needed elsewhere. Just one.

Thing is Upheaval is not a wps. It doesn’t replace the attack. It goes on top of it like a proc. It’s shouldn’t slow down the animation.

Just a suggestion. I’m not quite sure about it.

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Also made tests with Butcher and Bone with similar spec. While unprofile bone clear CR in 5:28, best run with butcher around 5:45-5:50.

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Just to understand it:
1 Bloodsong, 1 Butcher/1 Bone?

Impressive but I am not astonished. :slight_smile:

Would you mind testing it with 1 Bloodsong/1 Scion of Crimson Wake and perhaps 1 Bloodsong/1 Gorefeast? Would be really interesting.