Blood of Dreeg, Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst Durations

I find it counterintuitive that these skills encouraging Players to use them for heal themselves while trying to keep buff effect non-stop. These Buffs are must keep at all times especially losing Blood of Dreeg’s poison resistance even for a moment can kill you, so most people just spam these on cooldown. This makes them usually on cooldown when you actually need them to heal.

Maybe it’s just me but can someone help me understand why they need to be 24-30 sec only? Is there any chance to broke something by simply increasing those durations to 300 seconds beside having great quality of life, especially on classes that have 2 of these skills? You literally gain 0 power and you can better use them as heals as they intended, cause you no longer need to panic spam them or even numlock them.

I belive it’s time we go crazy and greatly increase these skills duration before Grim Dawn retires soon.

There’s a mod for that:


in my opinion those skills work very well, and with that low cd they can save you on many occasions, also just look at the icons to know if you have them active or not, your idea would be for a juice that is too lazy and for that style we have diablo 3 with their autocasts, I think they also made a mod for that here.

Diablo 3 doesnt have autocast, unless they added it recently. People were using numlock for similiar reasons i stated here. Also laziness has nothing to do with my logic. They could have made all Toggles 5 minute buffs and someone would propose them to be permanent, then someone would reply to the proposer “it would promote laziness, just watch your buff bar”

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