Blueprint Rerolling

With one caveat… in SR and Crucible, the blueprints get rerolled multiple times. That’s a big bonus when farming sets and rare items that can be crafted.

Just…like…in the campaign?


Not so simple. What’s the probability of a campaign mob or chest (even a treasure trove) to drop a level 94 blueprint? What’s the probability of a rogue dungeon chest to drop a level 94 blueprint? So when you say “the campaign”, what do you mean? Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked the drop rate section of the game mechanics, it clearly stated that some chests would always try to roll blueprints. Which is not the case for the majority of campaign chests and mobs. Which makes your statement incorrect.

His original point is that there is no difference between SR/Campaign/Crucible. He didn’t say that there was no difference between chests within the campaign. SInce the rogue chests are still the campaign, then he is correct, in the way I understand it. They also get a bonus to their rolls. Or at least that’s what was in one of the patch notes long ago when referring to the final chests of the steps of torment rogue dungeon.

Let’s cut straight to the heart of the matter - Yes, RNG is a huge pita, but I would assume that the reason why people are most irked by it is because they are finding their build too underpowered to reasonably tackle late game content (note, I am not talking about the hardest content).

If we are in agreement, then I would say that any endeavour to understand the math behind loot tables, etc. is an endeavour of waste.

To put it very crudely, “L2P.”

So many veterans have spent hours trying to help others out in this area.

And as I’ve said in another thread, if you enjoy playing a game with incredible item diversity, then you’re going to need to accept the role RNG plays in it.

Should that still be unacceptable, alternative solutions to self-found are:

  1. GDstash
  2. Trading.

Uh wut.

My statement is 100% correct. Hilarious to even insinuate otherwise.

If a blueprint drops in the campaign that you already have, it will reroll it. Works the same way in all game content. It has nothing to do with the initial probability of the blueprint to drop.

Also, there are chests in the campaign that always drop blueprints.

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Sad to never question yourself or try to see another angle. Your statement would be correct if every mob and every chest had a guaranteed blueprint drop on top of same number of retries if the blueprint is already known. But since that’s not the case, you need to kill many heroes and bosses in campaign to have a similar chance to roll a blueprint vs a single rogue dungeon chest, and you need to do multiple rogue dungeon runs to have a similar chance to get a new blueprint vs a single crucible or SR run.

Hope this is less unclear now.



Before this thread gets locked -

@contragor: Hence the classification of GD as a RPG. I don’t think it’s coincidental that “RPG” is spelt so similarly as “RNG.”

I find your replies baffling, because it would appear to me that you’re one of the following has to be true:

  1. You’re ignoring the advice/help/mods others have offered you in favour of proving a point
  2. You don’t understand the RPG genre

@sir_spanksalot I don’t think Contragor understands anything, not just the loot/RNG/blueprint mechanics.

Honest to god, I get that Z has the tendency to be a little snarky (which I personally find amusing), but we are all just trying to help here.


Before you try real hard to teach me again, I’m going to break it down for you…

If we were debating opinions, it would be fair to say that someone is not willing to see things from another angle. We are however discussing a FACT.

My statement: if a blueprint drops that you already have, it will attempt to reroll it. This is a fact, an indisputable fact.

It doesn’t matter if the initial drop chance was 100% or 0.0001%. When the loot table determines that it’s going to be a blueprint, it will then see if you already have it. If you do, it will then reroll that blueprint up to 10 times to avoid giving you a duplicate.

It has nothing to do with drop rates. Period.

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Sweet Godzilla of Manila!
Do you guys argue just for the sake of argument? Are you both having reading comprehension and formal logic issues?

  1. Zantai is correct, IF all we are talking about is what happens WHEN a blueprint drops. But that’s not my point. I look at probability to drop a blueprint in MC vs Crucible and SR and the fact that chests in the latter two have a guaranteed chance to drop a blueprint.

  2. I’m not arguing about game mechanics and neither am I trying to change anything. Just clarifying some of the aspects of the drops as per the OP’s concerns. I’m not complaining about RNG. Man I thought you were not part of this sweet American tunnel vision society. I see shadows on a cave wall. These shadows is all there is, heh?

^So far, Z is correct. And then, Lo!

^Enter the strawman argument!

Ok, back to the basics. I kill 20 heroes and open 20 normal chests in MC. Then 3 chests in SR. Which ones will have a higher probability to drop a new blueprint?

Irrelevant. Z was talking about what happens SHOULD the game’s loot table decide that a chest is going to drop a blueprint you already have.

I.e. the blueprint gets rerolled.

Obviously different chests differ in loot quality. Just like how different difficulties differ in drop rates.

Relevant to OP, who is trying to figure out a better way to farm rare sets. Irrelevant to you and Zantai, sure. I totally understand. But you aren’t going through a hard time trying to finish the build. So unless you have constructive suggestions for him, there’s no point arguing. Especially so, if there’s really no reason for that. The IF the game drops a blueprint, doesn’t help him. But my suggestion to farm chests that have guaranteed chance to drop a blueprint is his fastest way to obtain full sets and items that can be crafted.

I have no idea how my correcting your misleading statement about blueprint rerolling turned into this, but it has not had anything to do with the original thread for a while now, so it is now its own.

You falsely stated that blueprint drops reroll in Crucible/SR, unlike the campaign. This is just straight up untrue. You were corrected and then somehow started going off about relative probability of getting a new blueprint from Campaign content vs Crucible/SR, which has nothing to do with the original response at all.

I do hope this is the end of this nonsense.


@contragor: Firstly, what you just said is yet another strawman argument, because we have since moved on from the OP.

Secondly, I did give plenty of constructive advice.

Thirdly, Z did insinuate that different game modes have different drop rates…:

…which is entirely relevant to OP.

It also is entirely wrong… and the rest then went on about this