Brainstorming ideas

Idea is RTS example. In most RTS we get this team, within that team is a hero or main character. We’ve seen this in Warcraft, Dune, Dawn of War and many others. Taking those examples, adding the character classes from Grim Dawn, we can get a cultured class with redefined role. Not usually a thing we typically see in a civilization game. Though I think it’ll help define character classes, to have a cleaner simpler playstyle, with a more detailed or well refined class. It’ll play differently surely, though if there’s even a consideration of Grim Dawn 2 or the like, it might be nice to have some basis and direction to those classes.

Every character I make is a single player character, in a world they can be their best. It’s typically a short story style character, I believe gameplay to be between 2 and 4 hours. Though within that 2 and 4 hours I have a few goals.

1: Tell a short story.

2: Progress story/skill tree and develop character relation to audience.

3: Limit story path and development, to allow expansion or alternative story and endings.

Guidelines maybe but not limited to, to achieve best results.

1: The character must be able to adapt. (Some kind of mechanic in the world compliments the character).

2: There must be a quick and progressive playstyle. (Advancement must happen in a manor, that explains without words why the character does that).

3: Story supporting the advancement must justify the development(s). (Informing the player, there are options. You’ve chosen this option and you’ve limited yourself to this).

4: Supportive characters can interact with the main character on a level, the rest of the game reacts to as important. (Squires learning objectives, exposing enemy weakness draws attention. Changes in the main characters fighting style, makes companion concerned about character. Community allows character to accomplish things readily). (The example here is the squire. What does that mean? It’s one of two things. 1: Like a side kick or tagalong, telling you the main character things that’ll help defeat an enemy real time. It’ll make the enemy(s) focus on the squire. 2: scouting a location, informing you have best practices or entry point(s)).

These details are something reserved for the player character, though hint at these points while in proximity. The community will appear to be doing the things hinted, to show it’s an active mechanic or offering to the player. This along with AI communities makes the world start to feel alive, to remind the player there are things they can do.

The question I asked was. What kind of things in the entertainment industry make you feel emotional? Anything that the audience has an emotional response to is important. So, creating things to achieve an emotional response is important. Now the thing to do to make that true is supporting it. What kinds of things do I need to make, in order to achieve that idea of emotional response? Supportive actors, music, special effects, weather and story dialog, are the most common answers to this.

History is another great way to get an emotional response. That history doesn’t have to be fiction, in terms of target audience. Though the audience has to have some knowledge or be aware of its existence, like a legacy they can relate or think about. Think about this.

Vampires are a dignified representation of humans, though more so than humans themselves. They build great mausoleum style castles and live in dark places. Their expectations are greater than normal or publicly accepted. Driving me to believe they are perfectionists, with a romantic pseudo. Telling me there maybe something afoot, I am not prepared to participate. Although we’ve heard of these creatures, they have remain hidden from us. What is it that has brought this creature to our attention? Was it our need to conquer everything not known to us, exposing those who might plot hidden from our design? Driving us to protect others from the unknown dangers, these creatures have proven over the generations. Even the need to know everything, hasn’t truly exposed these creatures to the light, simply reminded us they’re out there.

So, a while back I started this saying. “I don’t want to become a swear wolf”. The idea started one night, blood moon in sky, in good company. Jokingly I said that “I don’t want to become a swear wolf”. The response was great! My friends expected me to say, “I don’t want to become a werewolf”, we were joking about things the blood moon influences (I’m being technical here). Though once they realized what I had said, they started laughing. It made sense to many of us because, we live in homes with arguing parents that use swear words a lot. There for they had pause before responding. That emotional response I wanted, was created by saying something similar to what they’ve heard before, though changing it made the response thought of carefully before proceeding.

I just thought of it. I played this game that uses blood moon as a mechanic. Good game I haven’t played in a while. Tribes of Midgard. I think you’ll have to check it out.

Have you ever played Urban Assault?

This was the most advanced RTS of its time. Dune and Warcraft where great, though Urban Assault allowed you to pilot your vehicles, reminds me of Mech Warrior in RTS form. Warcraft 3 added playable characters with unique abilities. Starcraft I missed when it first released. And now we have MoBA, allowing simple characters to battle online. How do you get the most out of your characters?

Farthest Frontier is not an RTS game however. Just a town building game with some optional combat.

Yeah, I know, there’s some difficulty setting to reduce combat, or something along those lines. I’m trying to think of a way, to build history in the city. Like people of renown, that pushed advancement of technology. Or some kind of benefit that unlocks secret technology. I was thinking something like the random loot drop system, that is used in ARPG for weapons and armor, though for newborn colonist. They’ll have the cities legacy behind them, allowing them to advance technology and growth. I even went as far to elaborate about ways of, redefining character classes like found in Grim Dawn. Such as Vampires and Undead, even Shaman and Miliary classes. Using a primitive system, developing a legacy, opening these options for advancement.

One point I was trying to make, is in many city builders or civilization games, there are many menus to accomplish things. I was trying to think of a way, when a colony advances to allow menus based on those advances. This is by reducing menu use in a primitive colony, kind of streamlining common tasks you’ll find on builder games. Then unlocking things for building, hunting, gathering and even combat as the colony advances. This will allow the player to choose to be militant or passive, though also progressive advancing their colonies skill sets. This in turn will allow your colony to be a benefit, to share with other advancing colonies in the world.

I think this Farthest Frontier is to be a 4x game, which includes building, advancing economics and military. This means build an empire and rule the world, though politics or military. How you get there, is about the legacy you’ve built in my theory. Through success and even failures, there’s a unique way to be known in the world, advance and rule. But does this include survival as an advancement? Maybe another means to offer unique gameplay. Then again “They are Billions” and “Frostpunk” does this sort of thing.

What if we had a Plato and Democritus style competition? Like I mentioned above, something two different cultures can relate, to inspire advancement.

Tried and True.

Trying times, sometimes lead to acknowledgements, rewarded forgiveness.

What if I want a painter in my colony, like Maarten de Vos. Or a Galileo, building ships. Or a Michelangelo to be an influence. So many things to consider. Check out this game, it’s done some amazing ideas. Eastshade on Steam

I get this idea there’s a world out there, and I want to see it. These people have shown us a part of the world through their art, so we may know the world as they did. This may have inspired empires to conquer, just to see more. To reenact these periods, as they may have known the world, is an exciting challenge for any artist.

Not possible. Again, not that sort of game.

Sadly there’s the issue. Steam says 4x and that’s what kind of game 4x is based on. I don’t know what to expect and that’s not even my point.

From the Wikipedia 4X is a subgenre of strategy-based computer and board games, and include both turn-based and real-time strategy titles. The gameplay involves building an empire. Emphasis is placed upon economic and technological development, as well as a range of military and non-military routes to supremacy.

Definition of 4x. E X plore, E X pand, E X ploit and E X terminate

There’s my point. How will Crate achieve this definition?

I suppose we could reform that into explore, export, execute, excellence

I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on that 4X thing anyway. Those tags can be added by anyone and aren’t necessarily right.

I’m not. I’m just being a smart ass. Thinking is what I do. Management, strategy, builder, simulation is what I think their making. Just need to think creatively, to inspire means to accomplish that.
Good night.

Good night, sleep well.

All in all, these genres usually share a fairly common goal. How to achieve all or a part of this, is kind of my thinking. Maybe one game does it in a way, that’ll help to create an easy to accomplish medium. The more examples there are, the more likely there is something they can do.

Like, if my colonist found a spaceship, while farming some land, how do I think they’ll react. They wouldn’t know what it is, gossiping about treasure or evil maybe even thinking it’s a mountain buried. Still unaware of what they had found, they would explore it. Some may think it’s best to pack up and move, other talking about covering it back up, though the interest will always be there. What they decide to do, will not be the only option.

I can reform this idea using antient temple, buried under the rubble of another civilization. They settled in a ruin of old, revealing the antient history of a long-forgotten people. Again, they have a decision to make, dig in and explore, run, hide or build on the ruins that were built on ruins. Always gossip and stories, telling of an old culture that used to live here. Inspiring creativity and horrors in the minds of the people, motivating them to accomplish something. What it is based on this one story, is simply explore, run or hide it or build over it. If they explore, they’ll have the motivation to uncover the thing most interesting to them, making progress quickly and inspiring criticism to focus that attention elsewhere. If they run, they may travel fast, to put it behind them. If they hide it, there’ll be a memory of what they’ve found, until somebody explores it, using better tools and stories to accomplish it. If they build on it, then they are the next generation, unaware the reasons the former culture failed. Maybe it had something to do with those antient dwellings.

How about this. Brainstorming ideas - #16 by Anthoirty
The advancements here are like the test tubes and beakers from Grim Dawn’s scenery. The extensive testing has evolved a breed of smarter people like zombies. These zombies retain memory based on the legacy the colony has built, even before the mishap of themselves. Meaning they are the people who can get into more dangerous types of work. This way they don’t die when working nuclear physics, near source places they need research done.

I’d like to see some development of social relationship within the colonies. And I mean in a way, that’s not typically told to use. My way of thinking is more along the lines of a side story telling method. Kind of like Diablo 3’s method. As we play the game, story is told by means of chat heads. Only think of it like the legacy system dictates what’s most important in developing the colony, like a hint that there’s legacy information being built and supporting it may help to progress something.

I just want to see something progressively making effort, to accomplishing the overall quality of storytelling. When Diablo 3 added that kind of storytelling, I knew it wouldn’t happen again. Commentary, narrator or like style storytelling, is something we get in main story events. Though I could see it being something like beastiary, short story, children’s stories, mythological detailing and more often and with greater detail, as the main story is at a standstill or pause. My worst fear in most games and tv shows for that matter, is filler content without satisfaction. A lot of times filler feels generic or draw out, like procrastinating to buy time before getting something done or ready to release. And other wise a waste of time. Finding a way to work into the overall world setting, I think it’ll make an impression that’ll stick.

Interesting learning resource Composite Design Pattern in C# with Examples - Dot Net Tutorials

Again, it’s not that sort of game.

Okay I went over the content this morning. I see many errors in my writing. I apologize about that, it makes it kind of hard to read. I am however, trying to fix those issues. Hopefully, after I correct somethings, it’ll be easier to read.

I had a dream.

We’re out on a boat. It’s a nice day, suns clear in the sky, waters calm and we’re fishing. Nothing biting but we don’t care. it’s just nice being out in the sun, smoken and enjoyen. Like a nice dream. Smoking as we fish, realizing nothings biting. My buddy reels it in, looking at an empty line looks to me. I know he’s thinking to called it a day. I get a bright idea, to put this short of my smoke on the line. He casts one last time. Not 5 seconds goes by, and he’s off the boat, drug in hook and line. All I see out of the corner of my eye, is how fast the line snagged and off he went. I turn to look and laughed so hard at what I was seeing. I couldn’t stop laughing, while he’s standing up in the water I ask, “Why you off the side of the boat”, He replies “Cause I caught somethin”, while he’s smilen. I guess he was as happy as I was, grinning as he hold up his catch. I’m still laughing.

Here are other posts I made, required to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

All of these have something in common with my thread. I kept them separate like an encryption.

The Settlers Looks okay. I guess it reminded me of Warcraft with a little upgrade. And no I don’t mean WOW. I didn’t play WOW I played the originals.