Brick Paths upgrade

I think a further upgrade to paths would be to go from stone paths to brick paths. This would allow the paths to match those decorations when they’re upgraded to have a more consistent look.

Additionally, brick paths would bring with them a proximity desirability boost. This would help give that extra percentage boost some structures would need to upgrade that you wouldn’t be able to squeeze in otherwise if there are already other desirable buildings around. I’ve been in multiple situations where it just wouldn’t be feasible to knock down a structure to put up a desirability boosting structure but I’d need just a percentage or two booster to meet the requirement for an upgrade.


Good idea, would look beautiful in a district of T4 villas.
And the T2 Plaza deco wouldn’t stand out that much.
I think more deco pieces could get another upgrade then, they all look great.

But in order to build brick roads (T3 roads) we really need the Brickmaker to have more working capacity =)


Agreed. Like a tier 2 upgrade that adds either one or two additional brick makers. Clay hasn’t exactly been a resource I’m hurting on but bricks are made slowly with only two worker slots per structure.


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