Bringing in the New Year with B16 v0.2.1.4!

Happy New Year to all and to all a new build… or something like that?

With B16 out, we should be starting internal testing for Act2 very soon and then, barring no major problems, it should hopefully be out by the end of Jan or early Feb. :wink:


  • Updated rock textures to improve detail.
  • Updated several terrain textures.
  • Added new laboratory dungeon set for Warden’s lab.


  • Fixed an issue with multiple instances of the same attribute being listed on an item tooltip instead of those instances adding up.
  • Fixed an issue with the Warden’s one-shot chest respawning under certain circumstances.
  • Quest items that are no longer needed after the quest is complete will no longer drop (ex. Milton Hart’s Amulet)
  • Added community localization support.


  • All Weapon components now also grant a skill.
  • Level requirement on low-level weapon components has been increased.
  • Mastery has been capped at 50. You can no longer increase mastery beyond its final tier. Warning: Any points invested this way will be lost on existing characters.
  • All one-shot chests now have a 100% chance to drop 1 epic (up from 70-80% with 20-30% of rare component). With the chance already so high, it seemed stupid to have the vast majority of people getting epics most of the time while some minority with bad luck could still end up getting nothing from multiple one-shots.
  • Physique now gives 2.5 life per point instead of 2.
  • Partially in response to the physique / life change, mastery life values have been adjusted slightly.
  • Attribute based damage bonuses have been shifted completely to percent-based bonuses. Absolute scaling was creating balancing issues at low levels, as well as causing the stacking small amounts of several different elements to be too effective.
  • Spirit based bonuses are now a little more even with the cunning based bonus for physical damage.
  • Enemy armor levels have been raised. They were woefully low and have been long out of date with more recent damage increases.
  • Enemy base physical and total damage has been increased.
  • Proc effects on items (Activates on attack/hit/low health/etc) now display the chance of the effect triggering
  • Skills granted by items now also display their stats on the item’s tooltips (you no longer have to equip the item and add the skill to your quick bar to see what it does)
  • Skills granted by items now have proper icons
  • Increased the base energy regeneration provided by caster helms, caster torsos, and flat regeneration focus items
  • Slightly decreased the % energy regeneration provided by focus items
  • Class Skill prefixes on focus items should no longer generate nonsensical skill bonuses (ex. bonuses to dual wielding). This does not affect existing items.
  • Unholy Inscription’s stats have been adjusted so it’s not such a clear best-in-slot component for Hands
  • In preparation for the release of Crafting, component drop rates have been overhauled. Monsters now have more specific component drop tables (ex. no more Fur from slith), so you can more reliably hunt for specific components. If you notice that components you used to get in B15 are dropping extremely rarely, or way too often, please report it.
  • Occultist: Fixed a problem with Dreeg’s Eye modifier Vile Eruption where the fragments weren’t launching properly. Damage was scaled back to account for the increased AoE provided by the working fragments. Acid damage was also reduced to make the skill a little more reliant on item bonuses.
  • Soldier: Reduced dmg scaling on Fighting Spirit. Was originally intended to be +%physical but was instead +%total dmg, which makes it considerably more powerful. Left it as total dmg since that synergizes more with other masteries but reduced the scaling to compensate.
  • Some quest objects now display a star on the mini-map once you get close enough and if you already have the quest (ex. the trap door to Devil’s Aquifer once you get the clearing the well quest). Objecties that you’re supposed to find through exploration won’t appear or will only display once you’re very close (to the point where it is visible on-screen). Other things that are supposed to be obvious or where an NPC has given you explicit instructions, will appear from further away as though they were marked on your map (the new treasure quest, where the dying man tells you how to find his stash).
  • There are three new small undergrounds.
  • Various environments have been changed up to add more visual variety.
  • The teleport map now contains names for major and minor locations (some riftgate names are concealed until discovered). Eventually this will become a world map that can be opened from the aerial map.
  • There are two new small sidequests to be discovered out in the world.
  • Other stuff…?

This build includes community localization support. Instructions on setting up a community localized language for use will be posted in this thread.

b16 localization set is attached for community localizers.


v0.2.1.4 (b16 hotfix)

Added support for 720p resolution.
Fixed an issue introduced in b16 which caused strange monster behavior in some cases.
Fixed a bug where corpses for some monsters would instantly vanish.
Fixed a bug that could cause missing characters to appear in text on non-english systems.
Fixed an issue with one-shot chests not being so one-shot.
Fixed a bug where attacking a destructible object would sometimes require repeated movement between attacks.

Component completion bonuses should now properly vary their values rather than always generating the same quantities (ex. 10% phys dmg can now generate between 5-15% phys dmg).
In order for this change to go through, component completion bonuses have been re-randomized on existing components.

Added font support for Czech, Hungarian, Russian and Korean.

TY and Happy New Year! :stuck_out_tongue:

INsane update lol. Do you guys ever have a day off?? Happy New year to all of the Create team, and all of my fellow players and followers;)

Thanks and happy new year.

I liked the dying man quest, and I have found a Putrid Den. I also have a new quest item I don’t yet know what it is for. The new map and map symbols are nice too.

Seems like a good build even though I have only scratched the surface of it :slight_smile:

Haven’t played in a couple weeks…might be time to take another shot.

Thanks for the update, finishing up the download.

I’m very happy with what you have done so far and hope all goes well this year for the devs and the community, so we may have the best ARPG ever!

On a side note, one thing I would like to see improved is the hud. It is nice but at very high resolutions (2560x1440 to be specific) it is barely readable. But all in good time, for now the recent update seem great.

Happy new year all and what an awesome way to start the year:D

Huzzah !

Time to start a fresh character.

Looking forward to playing.

Awesome, thanks for the update! Happy New year everyone!

Fantastic update, the new cave areas are great and I can’t wait to take on the new quests.

Was the drop rate of rings and amulets increased in this build?

Awesome update. Thanks and Happy new year!

Aww, what a nice present! Thank you, guys, and have a good year! :smiley:

This is great! Quick question if I might ask. Any chance that multiplayer will go live? I would like to enjoy this together with a friend. Not sure how much work has to go into that to get that going.

I don’t think drop rates were changed for anything except components (so far as I remember…)

Multiplayer is getting close - just today a programmer solved one of the biggest remaining problems; a positioning sync issue. The next big thing is figuring out how to work quest status, since some quest result in world changes / allow different completion options. Then there are some minor bugs. We have a new programmer starting in a couple weeks and he actually did some of the original multiplayer work for TQ, so that should help accelerate things a bit. :wink:

Wow 5x harder and 15 times laggier

Ah, I haven’t had much time for gaming as of late, but tonight I had, and I decided to go for Grim Dawn. What a more pleasant surprise than to get a new fresh patch right when you start? Thank you guys and happy new year to you too!


Feels like it runs smoother / faster on B16?

Skills on completed weapon components is interesting…

I think the animations are smoother, it looks very fluid now, the new textures are gorgeous and it seems to me that they applied more lighting effects, all around the game looks and feels even better now than B15.

About drop rates, it seems that too many enemies drop chiped claws. I need to travel the rest of the map to see it better.

What enemies should be dropping Mark of Dregg? I though these occultists on the Burrwich Outskirst area and inside the sanctuary should drop them but I’m on my third run and it never dropped. I have 2 on my Hound’s Bite but they are from B15, and even there it took me ages to find the second one.

Edit: They definitely added new lighting effects to the game, when you enter The Damp area it’s easy to notice the change in colouring, shadows and the overall lighting of objects changed a lot in all areas, for the better.

Better, and better, and better, and better…