Build 9 - Brief Summary

Below are some of the highlights for Build 9, which was uploaded to Steam earlier today.

  • Personal Riftgates no longer close on death. We will be implementing a small % health restoration to bosses to compensate for the lack of run-back time in a future build.

  • The minimap now has a North pointer

  • Camera rotation has been smoothed

  • The warden fight has been tuned based on feedback. The core challenge should remain the same while making more strategies/builds viable.

  • Level limits have been adjusted. You will now begin to out-level certain areas considerably sooner. Players who reach the Alpha level cap of 25 will find the greatest challenge in the areas around Burrwitch.

  • Bug fixes, many of them.

Awesome fix! (Will replay the Alpha again.)

Armor of the guardian still bugged

Odd. I’m seeing that it was fixed.

Could you try unlearning the skill and relearning it? Let me know if that fixes it for you.

If i had the iron to do so, I would. LOL

I’m pretty sure the patch went through, I see N on the minimap, I’ve got lower level creeps in the first area (5-6)… weird that I’m still becoming vibratron when I cast blood of dreeg. It’s annoying cause either I hit lightning speed or the character glitches and won’t respond until I move her elsewhere.

Edit: Got the iron by selling stuff - still bugged.

Edit again: I told steam to verify content and it reacquired something, bug is gone now.

Did I just encounter 2 new monsters? Thorned Horrors and some Cthonic Harbinger ?

I don’t like the fact that the new level scaling caps have made the game easier. The thing I didn’t like about the original level scaling was that progression in the game felt exactly the same.

The best fun I had playing this game so far was tackling the Secret Cthonic area with my level 15 character. Those guys were all level 25.

I think two better ways of implementing the level scaling would be

A: Have the monsters start at a fixed level before the level scaling kicks in, so that on your first run, you have something to improve against and then when you do re-runs you experienced a smoother scale of difficulty. One thing I haven’t done is find an item I can’t use yet because I’m not high enough level.

B: Keep the level scaling with the player as before but add in more randomness, instead of every monster being charLevel or charLevel+1 make it random between charLevel-2, charLevel-1, charLevel, charLevel+1, charLevel+2 etc

I don’t think many of us wanted the game to be easier :stuck_out_tongue: just not as samey.

Thorned Horrors and Chthonian Harbinger (if you’re talking about him) were in already, just rare and level dependent.

How do we know if the patch has been implemented? I just opened up Steam and went into the game but no update download or anything happened.

You can see the current build you are running in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen.

Camera rotation is now a bit choppier then before update.

As for the warden fight I think it would good to have a few sporadically placed aoe aether attacks during the second phase.

From feedback it seems that the warden is more effective against melee characters rather then ranged (who just kite the whole time). So yea… having these small aoe attack randomly appearing during the second phase would make more of a challenge for ranged characters (probably). Maybe my fight with the warden didn’t have him use all his abilities or something lol…

Which bugs were fixed?

so… i hate to be “that guy”, but how do I update grim dawn to the next build? On the main menu, it still says (b8) in the bottom right, and Steam is not very user-friendly to a PC-gaming newbie like me…

I just got the patch, while it did download, I also verified the game files and there was one file that needed to be redownloed again, 6.1mb, either the patcg content is bugged or the patching process didn’t correctly apply the patch, after getting the new file, and trying again, everything was ok

my advise to everyone try this too, especailly before posting anymore bug reports, as there might be an issue with the patch first, it might not be required for everyone, but its probably a good idea to check

might be worth making a note of this on the first thread just in case, and see if others need to do this too


try this,

in the steam library, right click on Grim Dawn, find and click on properties
click the local files tab in the next window and click on verify the integrity of game cache

it will then check the game files, if there is a corrupted file, it will re download the file, sometimes the patching process can mess up, I had to do this myself, but I think its good practice to do this after you download a game,

see if that helps

looks like the patching process might not have gone smoothly

but does seem this patch has fixed a few bugs, as I also tested deleting chars at higher levels and I can do that just fine, no issues there anymore
awesome job


a plea to the devs, would it be possible to have a level scaling slider? low and high? queeq suggested this, when I was talking to him, and I agree this would be a good option, so having an option of low and high scalling would be awesome, and be the best of both worlds, low, good for bug hunting / general testing of areas, easier challenge, High, challenging, better loot etc

while the monsters are scalled back, you will not get good loot from them anymore,

this please, i am definitely missing the level scaling before this patch.

Everything else are awesome improvements.

I like this change but in the help windows it is still written that the Riftgates get closed on your death, so this information needs to be updated as well.

one thing I just noticed is that the pets have been moved to the top left corner, but only the raven is showing, my hellhound display is now where to be found

How do you get your pet do you have to be a certain level / Char ?.

Occultist has some pet-summoning skills.

there is the raven and the hellhound, and can only be got if you go occultist

they aren’t bad pets either, raven is a range attack, the hellhound can be setup as a tank, pretty useful

  • Personal Riftgates no longer close on death. We will be implementing a small % health restoration to bosses to compensate for the lack of run-back time in a future build.

Is this selectable in the games menu ( Can I turn this cheat feature on/off) or are we all punished for the selected few who don’t like walking and what if I have a personal rift gate open somewhere else in the world - do the boss regens also come into play because of this even though my gate is no where near them.