Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

will it get stickied/pinned?

  • [DW Melee] [] (g3) © (sr+) (vid) Shattered Blademaster for SR Farm (Zekareisoujin)

    • Damage: Pierce
    • Active Skills: Cadence, Shadow Strike, Ring of Steel, War Cry, Pneumatic Burst
    • Passive Skills: Field Command, Oleron’s Rage, Whirling Blades x2, Blade Spirit, Veil of Shadow
    • WPS Skills: Markovian’s Advantage, Belgothian Shears, Whirling Death, Execution

No, otherwise you would see only stickys in the forum overview. People need to navigate via Build Compendiums

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*** **[DW Melee] [] (g5) (sr) (с+) Witch Hunter Strikes Back (afanasenkov26)

Damage: Acid, Poison
Active Skills: ABB, RoS, CoF, Shadow Strike, Blood of Dreeg, Pneumatic Burst, Rune of Dreeg’s Wounds, Blade Barrier
Passive Skills: Veil of Shadow, Possession, Envenomed Weapons x2
WPS Skills: Belgothian Shears, Whirling Death, Execution

What happened to the updated gear-tags? I can swear I read something along the lines of what mad_lee proposed a few days ago here on the first page of the compendium along with the submission template (that had build descriptions inside “details” which you discovered can not be searchable

I temporarily cut out the whole thing since I didn’t had the time to fix it in a way that there were no contradictions. It’s going to be back once things are sorted out.

If you want a preview then here, no problem. It’s mostly based on your’s and lee’s suggestions.

[Gear tag] - replace it with [G1] to [G5] depending on the gear dependancy of the submitted build. Guidelines:

  • [G1] – builds heavily based around faction gear and random green items. MI’s are budget-only. You can separately submit G1 builds into Beginner Build section of the compendium, if you want to.

  • [G2] – builds based around large quantity of epic items, epic sets, decent non-MI double-rares and target-farmable legendary sets like Krieg, Dark One and Vanquisher. MI’s are budget-only. Use this whenever calling a build G1 or G3 would be a stretch. Using any random drop legendary item puts the build into at least G3.

  • [G3] – builds based around legendary items, possibly with epics and easy to obtain greens mixed in (ideally no green at all). MI’s are completely forbidden. Things like double-rare Stoneplate Boots with specific affixes are forbidden as well.

  • [G4] – builds that use at least one MI that is not budget (and that includes double-rare Stoneplate Boots with specific affixes), or builds that use any number of budget MI but could not qualify as G2 due to using random drop legendaries.

  • [G5] – builds that use more that one non-budget MI.

A budget MI is something you could target-farm in campaign in 2-6 hours.

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thanks buddy :slight_smile:

Good start, but there’s a few things I’m unclear about. G3 completely forbids MI but not, say, random-drop legendary sets? Why would a full legendary set qualify for a lower gear rating than a MI with unspecified affixes? One step above, G4 specifies “at least 1 non-budget MI”, but where do builds with both legendary items and “budget MIs” fall?

Yeah. MI “budget” are allowed in G2 but not in G3. Strange.

On G3 - it’s a tradition that stems from the no-green-in-builds crusade back ago, after which many builders had just adopted a no-MI as a golden standard. I’m not going to change that.

Builds with both legendaries and budget MI’s go into G4, the G4 description mentions that.

Oh, you’re right, apologies. I must have misread.

Allow me some stubborness: it would be sensible to change this, tradition or not. It’s actively misleading for new players.


All of the submissions since the last time veretragna added builds and till now were added to compendium.

I respectfully disagree. I have no evidence that it is misleading for new players, while you insist on that as if it is a well-known fact or something easily deduced.

I do agree that looking at the transition upwards from G1 to G5 it seems logical to allow budget or even semi-budget MI’s to G3, BUT:

  1. It is the most popular gear tag, most builds in the compendium are g3. This shows that builders love this particular rule set. Here’s the rare case when I prioritize opinion of renownd builders over newcomers.
  2. I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of arbitry over what counts as budget and/or semi-budget. The way gear tags are nested now makes it much more easier. A build uses at least one random drop legendary? G3. What, it has a MI too? Welcome to G4 then. Are there two or more MI’s that are a bit too convenient? Here’s a G5 for you.

Sincerely, S.D.

TBH you won’t see beginners complaining about the tags being misleading even if it truly is, because most beginners just don’t make posts, they probably don’t even create forum accounts. I created my own account just to report a bug.

But I understand that there are different needs and it is hard to fit all of them in just one tier system.

Questions about SR tag: can I write SR+ if I cleared SR 75 with that build just once no matter how many times I failed, or does it need to be able to clear SR 75 consistently (e.g. has a success probability >= 80% or something)? Do I need to clear in time?

All hail Stupid Dragon! Please add some of my revised old builds and my new build to the compendium!

Another one!

Another one!

And another one!

And another one!

Another one!

Last one!

@mad_lee added everything.

@Udars yes, the way it was established is that a build that could clear 75 at least once is ranked as (sr+)

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Thank you very much for the clarification!

Hi Dragon!

I found multiply replies in the Compedium. I don’t know it was intend or not…


Blank page

@Stupid_Dragon I thought the compendium is pinned to the top, but currently I only see Mr. Zantai’s common sense rules pinned there. Is this intended?


I’m afraid that’s something to ask moderators or Zantai about. I’ve got no control over it.

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