Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

MIs are “discriminated” against because builds that use “far from ideal” MIs are a very rare exception - most of the time that MI is gd-stashed with bullshit affixes or a lucky drop over a big number of farm runs in Crucible. What’s worse is it isn’t black and white and between MIs with crap affixes and best case MIs there’s a large spectrum of “normal” MIs - from somewhat farmable in a week to rather lucky drops. There’s also a difference in standards. Some people call a budget MI what I would call a lucky find. To avoid (or at least minimize) the arbitry from my side on whether this MI is really budget or not the gear tag system is reasonably formalized. If it’s a build with at least one random drop legendary it’s a g3 build, even if the rest of items are faction gear. If a build has at least one random drop legendary and one MI it’s a g4 build regardless of affixes.

I did allow “budget” MIs in g1 and g2, but that was because I believe that someone who’s aiming for such a build would have enough wisdom to determine what kind of MI would make sense to include, and there aren’t many g1/g2 builds submitted anyway. As a result the extra load on me due to arbitry is pretty much non-existant.

g3 and g4 is a completely different business. While g1 and g2 is a beginner build category, so those who want their build to land there would want to make it cheaper. From g3 and onwards is a high end build category where people show off their results, they won’t be quite as shy when selecting affixes.

So no, MIs in g3 ain’t happening, I’m keeping it binary for my peace of mind.

This will be added to FAQ.

Perhaps, but I honestly don’t want to make a speedrun out of SR75 as it is now with Crucible. That’s ofcourse my personal view of it, so if enough people start pressing me I might review it. But that would mean a new Compendium thread ofcourse, since “all tags must mean the same across all submissions” is a cornerstone thing in my mind.

Conduits never were mentioned, for the compendium purpose it’s just another legendary, even if that particular combo of affix and prefix might be absolutely required. Badge of Mastery was mentioned in compendium before I laid my hands on it and it was classified as a g3 thing, since g3 allows legendary items by default I decided it’s not worth a mention.

Stoneplate Boots was something I indeed changed at some point.

  1. They were allowed before I took charge regardless of affixes (as a special mention similar to Badge of Mastery)
  2. When discussing tags here I learned that good stoneplates require thousands of them crafted, so perhaps double rare stoneplates should be g4
  3. Later I had a chat on that topic and for some reason it was harder to explain than I thought. Not the reason behind it but how to classify builds now.
  4. A question also arisen on whether a double rare stoneplates with one affixes you don’t care about should be g3 or not (yeah, same tune as budget MIs in g3)
  5. I decided it’s going to be a pain the the ass and reverted it to how it was before.

TL;DR Stoneplates are g3 regardless of affixes.

Double-checked explanation for (g3) in compendium, yeah I think in my pursuit for shorter text without redundant parts it became a bit confusing, so I’ll rewrite it to make it clear.

Thanks, will be fixed.

On your submitted builds - a bit behind the build adding schedule (last one I added is Shoot’s Boatman of Styx), everything will be added in a swoop tomorrow evening (EU one).

On leaderboard project - I’m putting it on hold for now. I’ve acknowledged the poll results, but I’m not a mood to make a new thread at the moment. The whole discussion on that a week ago was a bit draining to be honest, so my motivation took a hit, sorry.

On how we could make compendium better - I think mentioning activable component buffs like Presence of Might, Whirling Blades, Arcane Resonance or Aether-Ward should be abolished, because noone would be searching a build using these as keywords.

  • Yes, abolish activable component buffs in submissions
  • No, they should stay

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  • [Melee/Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (r+) (vid) Indra – Cyclone Shieldbraker, God of Thunder (Crucible 5:21) (Cinder)

    • Damage: Lightning, Electrocute.
    • Active Skills: Eye of Reckoning, Thermite Mines, Canister Bomb, Blackwater Cocktail, Ascension, Flashbang, Bloodthirster.
    • Passive Skills: Divine Mandate, Presence of Virtue, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Mogdrogen’s Ardor, Blast Shield, Resilience.
    • WPS Skills: None.

Posting this in the hope that the build won’t fall apart completely after the next patch :smile:

Character screenshot is not included as of yet. Might add one tomorrow if I think about it :sweat_smile:

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Voted for yes cause it’s a pain in the ass to typr but imo if the submission has it included you don’t have to remove them cause it’s just more work for you.

Conduit and g3-tag on this AAR Mage Hunter

I can find many more g3 builds with conduits. I might have misunderstood something from the quote above that if “for the compendium purpose it’s just another MI” all of these g3 tag builds should be g4?

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So much new rules…
Why we can’t live like before?

Typo, meant to be “it’s just another legendary”.


A little follow-up about gear categories. If the build uses (but not relies on, just uses because it’s easy to obtain) a Ravager’s helm because it can reliably kill Ravager in 30 mins, does it put it in g4 or g3? Not really care about “discrimination”, i just want to put the right tag when the time comes. Reason i’m asking - the mask is MI but it has no random affixes to possibly build around.

edit: i do somewhat agree with Sotnik tho. in one of the instances of my build Kubacabra’s Chausses were basically BiS regardless of the affixes because Deadly Momentum is very hard to bump to the 22 rank otherwise and it has highly increasing returns by ranks.


I agree as well, but that doesn’t mean I’ll make it happen. If something makes sense but is hard to put into practice then some sense needs to be sacrificed.

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Rewrote part of the compendium that explains how to tag builds based on gear. I hope that from now on it covers all possible questions. Tell me if there’s some problem with it.

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So I wonder build with Dark one or Krieg, but with other legendary items is G2 or G3? For example my Krieg Binder have pretty much flexible items outside the set. So it’s listed at G2.

Checked your build. It’s a typical g3 no matter how I look at it. I’ll have to change the tag.

I disagree about it, but it’s your rules now. At the time asked Veretragna and he said builds that are based on farmable sets and don’t have green MI are G2.

That’s why it’s submitted as G2.

I swear if anyone else complains about gear tags I’m deleting them permanently. They are bloody useless anyway.


Yes, it is pretty impossible to formulate clear rules for gear obtainability (just too many variables); they are decent guidelines when trying to decide if a build can be build by someone realistically. Personally, they helped me a lot in my early days of GD :slight_smile:

Because they are (imho) just guidelines, however, I’d suggest to just leave the rules as they are & to not take too many pains from worrying how they could be improved; in the end, loot drops are completely random in every individual case anyways, so how easy something is to build varies greatly from person to person either way :wink:

Edit: thank you for adding my Cyclone build btw!

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Please enlighten me: What´s G2/G3 anyway?

Gear dependency tags.

Agreed. The only problem is when people chime in again and make criticisms which is surely annoying. What we can do for now is just to giff dragon our energy

  • [Caster] [] (g4) (c+) The Binder Strikes Back (x1x1x1x2)
    • Damage: Aether
    • Active Skills: Callidor’s Tempest, Devastation, Ravenoys Earth, Nullification, Mark of Torment, Mirror of Ereoctes
    • Passive Skills: IEE, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Spectral Binding, Reckless Power
    • WPS Skills: Hmmmm. Nope

Thanks Dragon!

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[Caster] [] (g4) (c+) (sr+) (vid) AAR Spellbinder Neon Light Celestial God Slayer (Chad p)

  • Damage: Aether
  • Active Skills: Siphon Soul, Aether Corruption, Bloodthirster, Ravenous Earth, Devastation, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification, Mark of Torment
  • Passive Skills: Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Reckless Power, Spectral Binding, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange.
  • WPS Skills:
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Thanks again for the builds everyone and the efforts you all put into making this beautiful game more amazing than it already is! Haven’t been on for a while - but back ready to roll lol! Thanks again!! Baz