Builder prioritization

I am putting this here instead of bugs because I can’t completely rule out my own contribution to the problem (though I think I will demonstrate that it isn’t directly related to my management).

I have 1 site I have had marked to move for over 10 years (first screenshot). 1 site marked to build for over 10 years (second screenshot). And 2 sites in the 3rd screen shot, one that has been waiting to be built for 8 years, and one that I put to be built 1 year ago and was built the end of that same year.

At first I thought the lag in moving and building was due to the fact that I didn’t have a large number of builders alotted so I just waited. Well this year, the builders finally stopped being maxed out, but there is still no one working on these 3 sites (hence why I believe this is a bug and not due to me). The builders are leaving and going back to the labour pool, but these 3 sites are still waiting. It does look like they have started on the 3rd one, now, but the first too, the longest two, are still waiting. What is even more interested is that the Foreger hut was built the same year that I placed it, it is near one of the ones not being built.

and yes I prioritized these sites about 5 years ago to see if that would help get them built.

That’s a puzzler. Best advice for trying to work it out that I can think of is stalking your builders. On the profession tab click the magnifying glass next to the builder count and cycle through. Some will be doing maintenance. Assuming you have no other construction pending, then find one ‘heading to build site’ and just watch to see what happens. I had a situation like this where it was far from town and they were all just turning back halfway because they were hungry :sweat_smile:. If none of your builders are “heading to build site” then you’ve almost certainly got a bug.

So I check the 7 current active builders and they all are “Handling Upkeep”. That is 7/20 builders.

The site in the third screenshot did finally get built, but the one in the first still is unmoved. I am building a temp shelter by it to see if that helps, will let ya know

You have only 20 builders with 500+ people. How many laborers? Is it possible you’re shorting that number too, and those laborer duties are taking precedence over new building?

Builders take precedence over labour. and I rarely ever max out the 20 builders

Is that written anywhere? I wonder if that is an assumption rather than gospel?

I used to run 10% builders, 20% laborers/builders. I now just run the 20% builders and laborers, making all of my laborers builders. Things get built/repaired really fast then they all go back to laboring.

It is in previous forum threads.

I have no problem getting 99% of things built quickly. Hence only needing 20 builders. it is just these 1 site now.

So, after putting a temp shelter by the site, it has been removed. This doesn’t seem like it should be necessary for a building operation.

@devs: Is this a desired action/scenario, or can something be done so that builders aren’t hindered by this limitation?

My stepson just got offered a construction job that includes per diem and accomodation because it is located so far from where he lives (across the state).
Maybe your Builders got offered the same conditions, and were waiting for them to be fulfilled? :wink:


Listen… it only takes them a month to walk it… I don’t want to hear any complaining from them :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would be the version of FF from Hell, in which the little digital villagers fill the soundtrack with loud complaints about everything you haven’t provided yet . . .


Isn’t that how “The Sims” has always worked?

I never could tell the difference between the ‘Sims’ and the ‘Simpsons’ and was never interested in any game or show that reveled in Disfunctional Families for entertainment.

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