Building Integrity Declining Too Rapidly

As the title of this bug report states, buildings are needing repair rapidly. Relocating the buildings does not help. Only thing that seems to help is if the building has an upgrade coming. Otherwise, a lot of my natural resources are getting devoured by manual repairs rather than being used in e-commerce. Even an odd thing, apiaries are also constantly degrading. I used to make money off of honey and now I barely have any to tell at the trading post.


Hello, Niteseaker,

Welcome! I’ve had problems with repairs. I’ve had factories or commercial buildings built later – sometimes much later – than other such buildings, go into deterioration not long after it was built. Long before the older buildings showed a hint of deteriorating. Fortunately, I was at a point where I had a high enough number of laborers and builders that finally a builder came and repaired the building. But that it should go downhill before much older buildings?

There may be other factors involved. If there are, I don’t know what they are.

I had 46 tier 3 houses all collapse at the same moment due to lack of maintenance. Very annoying!

YIKE! Yeah, that would be highly annoying! :frowning_face:

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