Building List to find Buildings easier

It would be great if we had a list of buildings we’ve built with a functionality that allows us to easily jump to each one <3

I know you can hit “P” to pull up professions, but the magnifying glass zooms in on the workers, not the buildings. This is useful, but a lot of functions have to be performed at the building level, and when you get to a certain point, you have so many buildings everywhere it’s hard to find them. The highlight of similar buildings when one is selected helps, but there’s still a lot of moving around to find them on larger maps. Especially buildings like foragers and rat catchers which need their work area moved around a lot, and the workers are rarely at their actual building.


I agree that a list of buildings will help because it is not always easy to find the type of building I am looking for. The list could indicate if production is stagnant or resources low perhaps. Maybe adding a way to go to a villagers workplace could also help, especially when they are wondering around, to determine why that is.

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yes vote for this too also with information such as travel time % and idle time for each building

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That woud be great to have. I spend a lot of time, clicking different buildings, because I`m looking for a special type of it.

I’d like to see a “next” button added to a buildings window that takes you to the next building of the same type. So you want to check all your cobblers because they are whining about not enough shoes, but you have 3-4 buildings? Not something you check often so you forget where they are, this would take you straight to it if you find one, you can just click through all 4 and see whats going on at each as you go. Then you only have to remember where 1 is. A list could work, basically serves the same function, but I like the idea of being centered on the building each time you hit the next button. You might decide that’s not a good place for that after all upon seeing it again, or have missed the upkeep for 5 years and it’s at 50% and needs repairs.

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