Building rotation


I’m wondering if there can be a way to smoothky rotate buildings instead of quarter rotation (maybe half quarter ?) in order to fit buildings to “non square” roads and have them more intuitive.


I’d like to second this request. But placement at 360 degree angles.

I’m no programmer so someone tell me if this is possible or not…

I’d like to be able to freely rotate buildings when placing them. I can freely rotate the camera 360 degrees, so that means the buildings are rendered at all angles, so why can’t we freely rotate buildings the same as rotating the camera?

We can build roads at diagonal angles from the grid but then can’t face the front of the buildings at the roads. I could be wrong, but I don’t think civilizations back in this time period looked liked perfect grids, square block neighborhoods like we’re used too today. It doesn’t look natural in this game.

I’d like to build more organic looking towns with free rotation of building placement please. Thank you!

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