Building tiers need work

I have been playing on passive because all the streamers Ive been watching and people in the channels talking about how by the time you can make armor and stuff (tier 3) it’s almost useless because of your towns defenses. They are being slaughtered endlessly and looted before this. It’s needed way earlier the ability to defend yourself and its putting a lot of people ive noticed off.

Towns defenses ARE useful if you know it’s mechanics .
Also, you can just turn ON the PEACE MODE.

Town defense is like every other thing. You need to learn how it works.
I got surprised the first time I was faced with rams and raiders in plated armor … since then I adapted my defense strategy (multi layer walls, encased tower groups, standing army, waiting to have a great iron and bricks economy before going to tier 4 which is where the rams show up, …).

The only grudge I’d have with the current system, is that even if you have only 1000 gold, the raiders will still show up in numbers although it’s theoretically not worth the risk attacking us.

It would be nice to be able to juggle a bit with your economy to be able to make raids less likely. Like the size of your army, number of defenses, money, luxury items, etc … all put in a balance.
Because the main problem with raids late game, is not that they plunder you (I usually repel them hard now), but lots of people outside the walls (miners, laborers, …) get killed in the process.

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