Builds to beat crucible-waves 150-170

Hello everyone,

hope your having a great christmas so far. I just wanted to ask, if someone could suggest me a build, that is capable of beating the crucible up to wave 170? I already have some nice builds, which could easily clear wave 150 before the last patch. But after wave 150 i get straight up destroyed. I tried it a few times, but everytime i see Kubracabra or Grava`thul i feel like pressing alt+f4. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ptirodaktill’s CDR Spellbinder comes to my mind…

I shall try today if that much more easy with no extra spawn :slight_smile:

Yup spellbinder is pretty viable. In general tanky DoT builds kinda work, however you can’t just straight up bitchfarm 150 and up, it does require some kiting and player skill. Pretty stressful fight I think.

It is not the best time to make such a thread. Many can but even more cannot due to some balancing issues

And luck, too. If there proc unpleasant mutators/enemies, you can be just oneshotted.

Thanks for the answers so far! Gonna take a closer look into the suggested builds. I already had the feeling, that there is something “not that right” with the balancing past wave 150. Guess we have to wait till crate fixes some of the balancing issues so more builds can be capable of doing crucible till wave 170.

It’s either very strong and super tanky DoT build that can facetank some heroes/nemeses and survive while running when shit hits the fan (example: some later waves in 150-170 or waves 149-150 with 2/3 fabiuses/maidens) all while dots do damage. Or some kind of CDR caster with DoT support and strong circuit breakers, like Spellbinder or Sorcerer or Battlemage (or any arcanist based class really except Druids/Spellbreakers probably)

Characters that are going to have bad time in new Crucible by default: 2h-melee, DW-melee, ranged gunners, glass cannon casters.

Cruciable wasnt for those who want to take it alone. It’s a team play. So i am not sure crate want too “balancing builds”.

Go on 4 or 2 player and u can beat wihtout any porblems.

I dont want GD to be some sort of MMORPG, where endgame content is beatable only in party. For that, i will choose games like Marvel Heroes, WoW and so on.

Agreed. All content in this game needs, in my opinion, must remain reasonably soloable. MP is there for folks who want it and it makes the content easier, but Crate should never balance anything in Grim Dawn around multiplayer.

No, it’s not. It’s a single player game with a multi player feature tacked on, the game is never balanced around MP.
It’s just that this is the first version of the new waves and requires some tuning of the unreasonable parts but since it’s the end of the year we’ll have to wait a while.

If you currently have a build that can do 170 it’s nice to have, but there’s no real reason to specifically try to make a build that can do it since there are some parts that you just can’t do unless it’s a build that falls under a few very specific categories.

Have they actually tuned down anything in the old crucible in the past? I kinda agree some bullshit needs to go, but I have huge doubts that Crate will change anything.
So I’m afraid we are stuck with kiting casters and superdefensive shield tanks.
P.S.: I still don’t lose hope of creating a Defiler who would beat 170, already made one to farm 100-150 :smiley:

Defilers can potentially have huge dots, either burn or decay via conversions. So you don’t have to hope ,just do it, the build fits the “profile”:stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, I already have one :smiley:

Actually i beat gladiator crucible extra spawn with trozan druid 140-150 really easily with this build ( the in game status are higher since i have better rools

Damage is surprisingly good since i get rid of widow and spear of heavens.
Since druid dont have way to reduce damage from monsters i decided to give this setup try double mirror and double nature guardian + wendigo totem make you really tanky while under these buffs and can facetank lot of damage.

150-170 managed to beat only once but got lucky on last floor with nemesis and okay mutators it wasnt fun however lot of kitting not even 66% damage absorb can save you if you dont kite.

Strong sandstorm rolderathis tome would open some new possibilities to get rid of fateweaver mantle and and get full trozan set to get some extra damage as well as DA shred

I have Vitality Decay Defiler, how the heck do I build Burn defiler?


Err…never mind, dafuq is wrong with me! Forgetting about items that I’ve been using for months :eek:

Yeah Burn Defiler seems possible

So far i created this build
I was able to clear crucible wave 170 without much struggling using hp + attack buff and defensive tower. I also just killed ravager with this exact build only using hp and mana pots. Cant beat mogdrogen tho, too much magic dmg. Only annoying thing is archmage aleksander with his huge magic damage, even tho his meteor isnt even nearly oneshotting.

Is it decay? I know it’s easier to gear. Fire Dread and siphon seemed so sexy

No its fire, reasonable decay duration is mayor pita to get :frowning: