Buy Now! is back online!

Well, after much ordeal we are finally back in business. phew!

The world can once again purchase Grim Dawn game-keys to support this lofty, although possibly insane, endeavor. We apologize to those enthusiastic fans waiting to contribute who were forced to endure the long wait.

Those of you who may have visited our old contribution page will notice that it has been dramatically altered. We’ve had to get a little more formal to comply with various requirements mandated by our bank and by Visa / MasterCard. Not our choice but such is the world of business.

Thank you again for being such a great audience!



Luckily I preordered just in time, as I have no creditcard nor do I tend to use one. I’m afraid this is a problem for a lot of users - at least in my country. I think credit cards are mainly popular within the US.

Anyway, it’s great to see that one means of donation/preordering is back up.

Yeah, PayPal seems to really seems to be the most popular service for this sort of thing. It is unfortunate that we can’t use their service until after release. Google Checkout and Amazon Simple have similar solutions, although not as popular, but we worry about running into the same problem with them as we did with PayPal.

Just bought an Epic key. Can’t wait for the beta to be released. I hope this helps some of the development.

For those without credit cards, is there an option in those countries for either physical pre-paid cards or virtual cards through a bank? Maybe I’m just a jaded American who thinks everything is accessible to everybody…

This was good news.

Unfortunaly I don’t have a credit card.

Besides Paypal, there’s iDEAL in the Benelux (which is actually my preferred method of payment).

Or just payment through an online transaction - I think I can sent money to any account with internet banking. Though such transactions might have to be manually processed by Crate staff if they were coupled to pre-orders.

But if Crate’s bank account number was known, it should allow for easy donating, right?

Indeed if Crate’s bank account was known, then it is possible and very easy for people in the benelux.

If there is only a creditcard number, you should not expect many donations from countries in the EU. “Plastic money” is not very popular, except the normal bank cards like “EC”. There is simply no need for credit cards in the European Union, even for travelers. We have the “Euro” and a money union with nearly all countries into the EU.
So i strongly recommend you to offer a “normal” bank account in addition to the creditcard. :wink:

Well, good new at least we can pay in SOME form. I can pay but not everyone has a credit card…

Lol, seems like you can never get things right :slight_smile:

Blasted Paypal… :furious:

Glad to see it’s back up and running! Pre-order, here I come!

but i have a question i live in europe can i still pay???

Shouldn’t be a problem. From the FAQ:

Does Authorize.Net support international transactions?
Yes. Merchants can submit transactions to the payment gateway on behalf of non-U.S. customers. To do so, the merchant’s bank account must be with a financial institution located in the United States, and the merchant must be configured to accept the customer’s card type: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, or EnRoute. The payment gateway will submit the amount of the transaction to the customer’s card issuer, who will then handle all currency conversion to U.S. dollars. Since default Address Verification Service (AVS) settings may cause foreign transactions to be declined, merchants who plan to regularly accept international transactions should make sure that their AVS settings are configured to meet their business needs.

Let us know how it works out.

It depends on if you guys are set up with an international processor or domestic. If you went with domestic, which people usually do, there will definitely be some issues when trying to process international transactions. Also it depends on your AVS settings, as those only work correctly for US transactions. Most processors don’t have an AVS system for international transactions. If you have strict AVS requirements set with your account, they likely won’t make it past that stage.

… or is this the opportunity for us in the EU to switch to a decent bank? One that does not charge you any fees and gives you a free credit card? :smiley:

We’re looking into other options. See, this just keeps getting more complicated! :o

The main problem is that we need to figure out how to set things up in a way that doesn’t require us to manually process the transaction otherwise it is going to be too much of a distraction from actually developing the game.

We’ll figure something out!

It looks like we should be able to expand out service to cover echecks. We’ll apply for that on Monday and post here once we have it set up.

Couldn’t you just produce something so you can fulfill the PayPal obligations? Something like Grim Dawn posters in three variants … one for $48, the other for $32 and the third for $20 … and you send a Serial along with the poster. That way you’re selling something, not just future goods :wink:

A digital poster ofcourse, otherwise there’s this huge transaction cost…

For Crate: $48.00


It’s great to see that prepayment is up and running again. I’m glad to help with the new venture and want to thank you again for hundreds of hours of enjoyment while playing TQ.