Can anyone recommend gunslinger build?

Basically as topic. I would like to make a dual wield pistol build. Was thinking about firestrike purifier but cant seem to find any builds.

apparently lightning is the way to go. Scroll down for the level 100 build but you can also use this to level a purifier. Pay attention as to why lightning is chosen.

Here’s fire FS end game build.

Best of the best

more than 3000 clicks


That’s outdated, tho I did link a more updated build inside the thread by @nery. When it comes to endgame I heard lightning isn’t that great nowadays. Hybrid lightning/fire or just pure fire is better

ok good to know. i dont play enough really to keep up with all this.



You could do anything that has an Inquisitor base plus an autoattack ability… to wit that’s Vindicator, Tactician, Purifier, Paladin. Or you could choose literally anything and use a Gunslinger relic from Devil’s Crossing rep and a Blessed Whetstone/Hell’s Bane Ammo. Grim Dawn is nothing if not flexible in allowing you to play things YOUR way.

Maybe can work, but need to convert all of that fire to lightning with barrelsmith.

Though I believe that 2h ranged fire strike is better than DW ranged because of the transmuter.