[] Dagallon Purifier shoots Crucible 5:50

Warhammer stuff again…I’m lately having a lot of fun with slingers and will continue to build others. Dagallon is a set that has undergone many changes until it has reached the point of being one of the most proficient DW gunners.

The synergy here between FS line and WPS is amazing. Every time 2x guns shoots ES procs per shot fired per enemy and same for brimstone, creating chaos on the screen. To this is added the power of each WPS tearing through foes.

Crucible:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skCLBqyt30M&feature=youtu.be 5:50 - Was my third run getting adjusted to the play style a bit still. Good mutators in second round compensated some mistakes I made (miscast seal, positioning, teleport fail). Gearing can be made more aggressive too but for now this will do in showing the proficiency of the build

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m6k9mV what i use in the video
Or : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk63qDZ if you want more innate elemental overcap outside of seal. Both worked great for me, never died

Procs up, hp under assault

Stuff about the build

What I enjoy most about this setup is that the set is played at face value: Fire/Lightning, none of them being residual from conversions with other gear.

To further capitalize on this I’ve used Abomination which gets fully converted into Fire/Lightning equally and it’s worth it. Love this quirk in this build. No proc like Meteors or Magi will top this. I’ve taken both Solael flame and Arcane Bomb which also is totally worth it. No procs, but raw power.

Bursting Rounds, unlike Stronghold set, are great here modded and DW. My favorite part in the video is 3:22 - 3:25 where after killing MQ he turns around and Blasts 3x Skeletal Monstrosities heroes with BR. I’ve seen 240K crits with it up close.


Yep you got it right. Look to those pants and chose one, redistribute stats, augments to mirror what was to your liking before.

it’s what i do where it can be helped


Have you considered going with double eternal pyre and just fully focusing fire in the devotions? The detour to widow seems like it could be better spent elsewhere.

Yes i did. innitial build was fire but the FS lightnin/fire conversion made me play the set at face value and it’s totally worth it. So is abomination.

Bonuses for a flat damage build are weak on pyre. You snowball the build into a complicated area that does same or even less damage. This one feels free

Edit: Also Widow is by no means a loss as of latest patch

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Damn man, what a time for ranged build! And that DPS is hot as fire. If I tried that will probably misplay it and then lose like 20-30 seconds from lag and achieve unimpressive time. But here are all factors that lead to success - good playing, fresh machine, synergy and nice set/weapons. But despite all of that, still it’s impressive achievement!

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Thx for testing this build and making a thread on top of it! The build looks good :smile:

Edit: that DA and HP would make me a little anxious in HC though :sweat_smile:

Thanks for doing this, Fluff! I have a lot of gear similarities to your build already, will definitely try out your suggestions, this looks really exciting!

EDIT: That Kai ammy is dirrrrrty :astonished:

Brb, stealing this devotion route

Damn that abomination is genius!

I forgot that abomination is inline with elemental devo route!
Hmmm, will try that in sigillis bonemonger and see what happen…
Sad that you didn’t take elemental storm because of that though. 5 sec without that 24RR can still be quite detrimental.

Interesting take on dagallon Fluff! Thanks…

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Nice twist with Abomination.

This amulet seems a bit worse then blue Beronath.

DA and slow res - how do you not die with them being so low? Is it the killing time?

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2800DA is more than enough in crucible, especially with Ulzuin, and especially if you kill fast.

As for amulet. Damage wise Kaisan is better, save for lacking the 4% AS. Not to mention some nice CC resist it has

As for slow res, I guess killing power does the job because i’ve never felt handicapped.

However Myth Final March would be a Solid choice for the build if you feel you need it

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Didn’t notice it was a 4 buffs 1 banner run. Makes quite a lot of difference.

I guess DA is a personal preference, I feel very uncomfortable with DA below 2900 on any build.

So what’s your conclusion? Dagallon is all right? Does FS need a buff?

Fs buffs not for DW gunners.

If a gunner feels bad i’d look at the build/set itself not FS

Dagallon, idk, how does it look to you? :stuck_out_tongue: To me it looks pretty good, and fun too

The only thing i’d maybe add to it is 1 sec duration to rr mod, but given what it already can do, I can’t make that case

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Your build looks good but on the glass cannon-ish side. I would say that run doesn’t fully reflect builds potential: it had 4 banners and second part you had “armored” + “marked” (pretty favourable mutator combo for dw).

Like i said i make mistakes in the run. Take away those mistakes after getting well adjusted and the good mutators, and you have the same kill time

Bare in mind I put this build together in an evening only with little time and decided on the spot what route i’ll take then did like 3 runs to get used to it a bit. Posting the build on an actual thread is just a bonus.

But whenever I rush something out like this, there is always room for improvement and I already know what I’d do

As for the glass cannon thing, that’s personal preference. I’ve never even felt close to dying. The absorb is that nice combined with killing power. It’s also how i play my builds. 12k HP+ 2800 DA is more than an acceptable baseline if the build can kill stuff…for me

If you still don’t believe the build does that well then, what can else i say, don’t :slight_smile:

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I believe it, if you are comfortable with 2800 DA baseline than you can pilot it consistently. I know I can’t.

So I guess this build can do around 6:30 with 3b/1vb consistently. Which is a great result for Dagallon and for ranged.

I will make some changes and see if they are worth post it.

But i can only recommend that you try it for yourself. You certainly can do it with 2800 DA. Onlce it gets going, you won’t even think about that

Abomination is surprisingly quite vital. I did 6:30 without banner with this:
It was previously 7:00 without banner and even more inconsistent.

Though goddamn it’s quite glassy and can die in 170 because of Alek meteor.
I would like to mess around with it more but I need to explore more things beside bonemonger now. LoL…

EDIT: maybe should be fine with 2xravager’s eye

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mad_lee’s just got a different standard to defense nowadays.

Guess I wouldn’t need to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried it on my N&O Sabouter, it wasn’t that far behind Dying God spec, so definitely viable. Except stats go down the drain with those devos.

How can you not have a different standard, lol. I can’t be the only feeling how cruel Crucible has become.

I mean my specs went from almost unkillable to fun because you now have a chance at dying lmao