Can I somehow choose Kymon's Chosen as a Necromancer?

I want to get to experience their side quests without having to create a new character, I am playing a Necromancer. Can I somehow join Kymon’s Chosen without making a new character?

Maybe if you change your mastery to a different one with GDDefiler / GDStash for a initial talk
and then change it back?
Without programs definitely not possible.

use gdstash or gddefiler to make your Kymon rep positive, i think that should work
(i might remember wrong and you might already need to have actually solved teh quest once and not just change rep state)

You pretty much need to make a new character since Necromancers can only join Kymon’s Chosen when you pick Necromancer after joining their faction.

Did not work for me when I tried it a few years ago. Maybe it does now?

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unsure, like i said it’s possible the trick only works if you actually already have the first quest done/pre-requisite
i know it worked when i flipped forth and back my rep; but that was on a toon that had already positively did the initation in homestead

The GDStash documentation says

When changing the faction reputation, do not contradict your quest choices. If e.g. you sided with Kymon’s Chosen, do not set a positive reputation for the Order of Death’s Vigil.
Your choice concerning these factions is stored in some quest files which are not changed by the tool, so this would result in an inconsistent state with unknown consequences in game.

Based on that I think attempting to hack a Necromancer character into Kymon’s Chosen would be unwise.

Regarding the OP’s question, no, the religious fanatics who hate necromancers will not let your necromancer join them. If you want to see the Kymon’s Chosen quests, make another character. If you’d rather not make another character, I don’t think you’re missing much - I don’t remember anything especially noteworthy about the KC quests.


pish posh i’ve dont that several times
like making myself hostile with anasteria or barrowholm and then friendly etc
as long as one is okay with the the quests done up to that point it’s fine

and i gather from OP they didn’t pick side, but are just locked out from being necro

Bit off-topic, but I really hope Grim Dawn 2 have more of these RPG elements to it.

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GD 2, inquisitors get slaughtered on sight trying to enter Coven :laughing:


Or you just kill them all instead :open_mouth:

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While it’s been a long time since I last did it, my experience with a necromancer joining kymons chosen is, on normal you join necromancers (cause you have to) and on elite/ultimate you can join kymons chosen by asking for forgiveness

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I doubt that. Necros cannot ever join Kymon’s I believe.

Never come across that. Only way I know is to not choose Necro before you make your choice between Kymon’s and the Order. If you join Kymon’s and then take Necro as your second mastery, they’re unhappy but won’t throw you out. Of course if you switch allegiences on the next difficulty then you’ll never get back in with Kymon’s. If you stick with Kymon’s then you’re fine.

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Well I went and looked and you definitely cant do it anymore and now that I think on it that last time I did that was probably before forgotten gods released

I’m fairly certain it can be done as well. I think you might have to choose a specific response once your in Ellie/ultimate to get the forgiveness path but it had been a while since I’ve done this so memory could be faulty. OP Just wait until you hit Ellie and then see if your able.

It can’t be done. There never was a “forgiveness” dialogue option (maybe in kickstarter alpha? certainly not in fully released base game).
Like Medea said, what can be done is to choose Kymon on Normal before you select Necro mastery. Afterwards it’s impossible without using 3rd party tools.

the “forgiveness” dialogue you guys are thinking of on Elite/Ulti is when you’re already friendly state with them from doing the quest positively on a prior playthrough but ofc still before choosing necro
they will “re-accept” despite your ill way’s changes, likewise from MP if you had a partner that would previously have forced an automatic rejection

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Huh. Well, I must be mis-remembering. I know you can do with the Inquisitor and Order of Death’s Vigil because I’ve done that several times. Weird that you do’t have a similar option with Necromancer.

You can join Vigil with Inquisitor, they seem to be more open minded. It will trigger certain dialogues but you can. Kymon though are religious fanatics, they will certainly not accept Necromancer in their ranks.

In GD stash one can swap reputations between factions. I’ve done it with Barrowholm, not sure if there’s something preventing it in game for Kymon/Vigil, probably no.