Can't load save file (Solved)

Hi everyone, I faced such problem: my characters, whose names are written in Russian, cannot be loaded in the newest version of the game, although everything was fine on previous versions. Also, when I try to create a new character with a Russian name, he also cannot load into the world. Characters whose names are written in English are fine, so this cannot be due to corrupted save files. I also confess that I play on a pirated version of the game (I can’t buy it at the moment), and then you can write everything off as a crooked repack, but I tried several of them and the error is the same everywhere. One of the possible options for solution is to replace the character name through the player.gdc file, because as far as I understand, it contains information about the name of the character that the game reads (I tried to rename the save folders). But I did not find any program that would allow me to edit this file.
I really hope that I can find a solution, I don’t want to lose the characters in which so many hours have been invested :<
UPD: I find solution! Shotouts to this beatiful guy! [Tool] GD save file editor
To rename character you need to select character (actually, you select folder name) and if you wrote name of the character in Cyrilic, there will be some cursed symbols
Type “set character-name any name in English” and then type “write” (to rewrite your changes in the save file) and if you done everything right, a corresponding message will appear.
Also I think it would be cool if this option was in the game

I really don’t get the nerve of people who admit to pirating the game and then come to the official game forum and complain about issues. Like whaddya expect to happen?

I hope you do lose your characters, it’s only justice for stealing money from the devs who worked hard on the game.

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keep in mind current state of affairs means Russians can’t buy games, so even if they wanted to buy it it would not be possible
*not saying it truly excuses piracy, but at the moment there is causes outside people merely not wanting to pay
**we can’t even gift the game to russians either

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Not sure if bold, stupid or both tbh.
You come to the official forums asking for help even tho you pirated the game?
How about YOU “help” the devs first by providing them with the money you owe them?

Jeez… some people these days.

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Oh right I forgot about that.

Edit: just looked into it and it seems there ways to get around it,

buying from grey market sites actually also results in devs getting 0 money, if not costs them money from chargebacks
atm there is only 3 legitimate sites where you can get grim dawn, (afaik), Steam, GoG, and Humble - anywhere else they don’t get money from
unsure if the steam wallet funds is a workaround tho by the looks of it :thinking:
but there is def more going on that just visa credit card/paypal wallet fund blockings, since other people outside russian can’t gift it to them anymore either

*again, this is not me excusing piracy, just pointing out there might be reasons at play making direct malice towards someone not necessarily totally applicable
and am fully expecting Z to still shut this “ticket”/thread down regardless when he gets around to it, since piracy is still against the no piracy rule

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Cyrillic was never supported in save names. By some fluke, they did work for a while, but an engine update broke it permanently.

The work around is to use English characters in save names. I think some utilities can help you rename existing characters.

Please do the right thing if and when the time comes. Thanks…


Nice, thank you

I even downloaded gog version of the game, without any file manipulation
And I understand, how pirated games work, and my error not related to the fact that I play a pirate version

Thank you so much! I really sorry that I can’t buy game, Grim Dawn one of my favorite games of all time.
Looks like i was right about renaming the character name through save file.

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