Cant make old saves work on new installation of GD

I just installed Grim Dawn for the first time on this OS. Last time I played the game was in June 2019. I have enabled UPnP and downloaded saves from the cloud. Unfortunatelly they were from November 2018, but I remembered that I have a file with my character saved on my PC. So I have put the “_name” folder in my …/219990/remote/save/main catalog and the game does not show my character. Why is that? I have two save folders, one in that location and other in My Documents/Grim Dawn. I’m on Steam, with Steam sync enabled in both GD properties and ingame settings. If I create a new character, a folder appears in /219990/… catalog, but the game doesnt see the character that Ive put there myself!

Thanks for any help

Edit: I’m on FG, had it too on that old char, I was in the middle of FG storyline.

You can’t just “put” save files in the “/219990/remote/” cloudsaving location and have it work like that unfortunately.

First you need to disable cloudsaving completely - here’s how:
How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.

Then place your saves in the other location “/My Games/Grim Dawn/” and the game will see them. Done.

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Another :nail_care: in the :coffin: for :cloud: saves.