[Caster] [] DEE nukin' Sentinel

  • [Caster] [] DEE nukin’ Sentinel (Ralfhskz)
    • Damage: Acid, Poison
    • Active Skills: Dreeg’s evil eye, Aegis of Menhir, Curse of frailty, Violent delights, Ascension, Blood of Dreeg

Hi there Grimmers!

Gonna share this little nukin’ n running sentinel i was playing on HC these days.

The playstile is obvious: BoD always up, debuff enemies with CoF then nuke them with DEE and AoM! They do a nice amount of damage + poison DoT. Don’t forget to use ascension when surrounded, in dangerous situations, or when u want more damage.

GT link: Sentinel, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Thank you for reading, suggestions are welcome

Salve pra toda rapaziada do grupo de Whatsapp GRIM DAWN BRASIL :v:

Char Stats (all buffs on)

Char acid Damage

Char Phys + other resists

Callagadra fight

Avatar of Mogdrogen fight

Ravager of Minds fight




And here’s how to do it without fantasy greens:

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I like the build so far, but I am curious why you aren’t using Aegis of Thorns to convert fire damage to acid damage?

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Hi! I didn’t use aegis of thorns because we already have this conversion on the gloves, and by activating it, you lose - 6% total damage on AoM.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I missed the conversion on the gloves when I was checking the build.

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do you have the extra damage + cooldown for DEE due to mana issues if it was just the regular version? i am curious as to how you would build it differently around that

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Tbh i don’t remember using DEE without the CD modifier on this type of build

i tested it out a little bit and although i am not close to having all the gear, i did have the chestplate and boots and mana was running out rather quick with the no CD but it still seemed to be very good

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Yeah, i assume DEE spamming must drain energy very Quick!

Is this build viable in 1.2?

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Didn’t tested in 1.2 yet, but i’ll try soon and bring the results