Cats or dogs as an upgrade for rat-catchers

I can’t think of anything more charming than rat catchers being able to breed cats or dogs to help them with their duties. The animals could be a building upgrade for the rat catchers, and we should be able to set a custom radius for them. Like cows, we’d first have to buy two cats/dogs from a trader before we can breed them. I promise that players will go nuts watching cute cats and dogs chase rats around their towns.


I think we can do it a little differently

  1. animal rat catchers - cats, dogs, ferrets - increase the effectiveness of the rat catcher
  2. rat traps - increase the radius of the building’s effectiveness

I feel like some buildings, like the rat catcher shouldn’t be bound by a work radius, any building that has a movable work radius shouldn’t have a work radius at all, they aren’t bound by their building placement, anyways.