Celes - Pet Conjurer


Wanted to make a meme build without any Set items and with as much Superboss MI as I could…
Also where the name comes from :3 (Celestial > Celes)

Note: Requires both Ashes_of_Malmouth & Forgotten_Gods.
Note II: This is a joke build. There are much stronger options for serious play.

  • [Pet] [] (g3) (sr+) Celes - Pet Conjurer (Maya)

    • Damage: Pets
    • Active Skills: Summon Familiar, Summon Hellhound, Summon Briarthorn, Wind Devil, Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg
    • Passive Skills: Bonds of Bysmiel, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Primal Bond, Mogdrogen’s Ardor, Presence of Might, Silvercore Armament
    • WPS Skills: none

O) :deer: : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zyj5AN

Shattered Realms, 75-76: https://i.imgur.com/bGgD2KX.jpg
No Potions/Consumables/Shrines used. Pretty easy, but a bit slow, especially if you get bad mutators.

Ravager of Minds: https://i.imgur.com/JP8OPFX.jpg
Took about 20 mins. No Potions/Consumables used except for Tonic of Mending.

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Reserbirbs 2

Reserbirbs 3

Got enough Reserbirbs now. You may post and stuff :3

@hammyhamster1 Pinging you since you wanted a Pet build without sets :yum:

wow that epic name… Celes
reminds me of my TQ chars name: Caster? Casterus… Vitality damage? Vitalius… Bow user? Bowmando (get it? bow + commando)
I am not funny, so is you, so am I

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