Changing hunter trap count will not saved v0.7.5d

i set the hunter trap count to zero, because it uses iron, but if i deselect the building and select it again, to check, if the setting to zero is saved, its not saved, always 4 again

btw: i cannot turn the building off, have to set worker count to zero, which results in a red icon on top of building

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We are aware of this issue, and the sliders in work camps as well, which we are working on a fix for.

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I was about to post this too since I didn’t see it on the list of known issues.

It looks like that hasn’t been edited 16 days though, so I guess it just needs an update.

I can confirm this bug. Furthermore, it’s not only that the slider does not work at all, it also overwrites the settings from a 0.7.4 save. So with this bug the feature is not patch compatible right now. Players should revisit their hunter lodges after the fix has been applied. I suggest adding this hint to the next patch notes next to the bug fix info.

For work camps my settings have been loaded in correctly from 0.7.4.

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