Chaos RR + Arcanist RR

Aether and chaos are similar damage types as to how they work yet there are two RR sources from masteries for aether (Hellfire Mine and Spectral Wrath) and only one for choas (Hellfire Mine). When playing aether and chaos builds the aether ones feel stronger when playing them. I think one additional source of chaos RR should be added. Natural place for it would be the Curse of Frailty. It doesn’t even have to be high. 20 - 25 % at soft cap would be allright. Or it could go on the Bloody Pox if CoF already has too much.

I would also like to see some small Arcanist RR. Would it be even mechanically possible to give the Fabric of Reality something like 20 % reduced target’s resistances for 3 seconds which activates out of weapon damage. The same thing is on Eternal Band ring or similar on Viper and Ultos proc. It could be added there instead of the racial bonuses. Maybe more like 30 % because of how this RR type works.

Inquisitor Death Sentence can also reduce chaos and aether resistance

I doubt it can work that way with the skill as FoR is a buff for character, if it’s happen on that skill it will just reduce the character resistance instead on target. I agree that Arcanist need either percentage or flat reduced target resistance, but it can only apply on offensive skill like tempest/flash freeze/panetti/trozan/devastation/AAR in case of arcanist.

Thanks, I forgot that but there is still one less chaos RR.

If I’m not mistaken though monsters have inherently less Chaos Resistance than Aether.

I have to say just from the feels of the gameplay that aether kills faster than chaos. Chaos may have some very resistant enemies. Harbingers and some big Korvaak dudes in FG. I have not noticed anything like this with aether.

If a ring can have it or a general star in a devotion then why not the Fabric of Reality? I don’t see the difference.

I think it’s the same mechanic with how spectral binding work. I’ve read somewhere when someone try to add RR mod into Spectral Binding and it reduce the player resistance instead of the mob, it was because the spectral binding part is a buff to the player while the spectral wrath is the offensive debuff to affect monster. So you need to put it on offensive skill on arcanist tree.

Star in a devotion is a buff to the player as well. The same applies to a ring. But OK let’s say that it is true. Then just make FoR into an aura with some radius. It will be two part. One as it is at 40 mastery points and another part at 50 mastery points with the radius aura that has RR. And in this case it can be typical - % RR. And in this case the RR should be physical and chaos (maybe a little bit of aether as well).

Or Inner Focus can be remade into an aura like I proposed with FoR. Same skill made into an aura at 1 mastery point and another with radius RR at 10 mastery points.

This would work mechanically, but does elemental arcanist really need a buff like that?

Then make it % reduced target’s resisatnces to chaos, physical and possibly aether. I agree that it does not need elemental RR (although it wouldn’t hurt the Battlemage).

Can only do it for elemental and total iirc, maybe physical as well. Aether and chaos separately isn’t an option with the current state of engine, same can be said about flat RR. Z said at one point it’s possible to upgrade the engine to have it as an option, just not necessary.

To be honest, since the only powerful chaos build is Rahzin WH and all chaos casters are mediocre it’s just easier to tweak devotions or nerf chaos resistance across outlier enemies while simultaneously nerfing Rahzin WH to keep him in line.

I rememeber that there used to be -50 % chaos RR on Solalel’s Witchblade. Maybe it should come back.

Maybe physical could be there at least. But total would be still best. Casters could not use it. It needs 100 % WD to be useful. Melee builds would not get that much above Viper so the elemental part of this RR would not be OP. And it would be nice for all the other damage types. But only for melee. Still better than nothing.

iirc, zantai or some other crate employee once said that if curse of frailty has chaos rr, then it will become ‘curse of everything’ debuff. since it already has many kinds of debuff within it.

and right now there are already many late game sets/MI that can give chaos/aether rr to some skills especially for occultist/arcanist classes which seriously needed them.

Yes but there are not enough of them and they often can’t stack for example conduit bonuses. You can’t use two of them. Basically Occultist is the main chaos mastery but has no chaos RR. Arcanist and aether is the same thing. But aether is stronger generally. There is a choas RR on Inquisitor. But Inquisitor is not a good chaos class even with it. Demolitionist has aether RR and no other support in it for aether. But aether builds with it are much easier than chaos builds with Inquisitor.

Aether is stronger because arcanist has strong aether skills, lots of %aether, spirit dump and other stats, not because aether itself is somehow better that chaos :slightly_smiling_face:

But both masteries do provide Physical->Aether/Chaos conversion and a large amount of flat damage with the possibility of converting any that isn’t Aether/Chaos (Elemental, Acid, Vitality) to more Aether/Chaos hm? Seems like a balancing decision to me and a reason to synergise them with masteries that do feature Aether/Chaos RR.

Yes or that but adding RR is simpler. It even allows for combinations with other masteries with no RR then.

well, maybe because some players like chaos builds for its reddish-pink-black crackling flame effect. if its converted to another damage, it’ll feel fake. at least that’s my feel on it.


This is why I resisted for soooooooo long on an AAR Warlock build that I was working on with some help. It was before the big buffs that happened to AAR so it wasn’t quite the power house it is now and it definitely wasn’t when you converted it to Chaos. Which I did because the character was named Cymoril and I was damned well not going to betray the Melnibonean blood line by touching that icky aether stuff. :smiley:

I think if any extra Chaos RR gets added it needs to be to something other than a mastery. Becuase it IS more rare anywhere else, I think putting it so that any mastery could get at it, if they really needed it, would help not pigeon hole it. This would also prevent the “Curse of Fra…EVERYTHING” problem that Crate has said a few times.

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