Chaos Sentinel Beyblade(EOR) 75 SR guide

So you want spin to win not with lighting, fire, …. but with chaos damage you are at the right place!
(Im not a native english speaker so sorry for the formulation and this is my first build ever !!! be kind )

Edit : Ty to Ana, sir spanksalot and valinov for pointing that build in the right direction !

Firstly things you need to consider before playing this build:

  1. Is it Hard Core viable?
    Dont think so you will die a lot :smiley:

  2. Can this build farm Crucible?
    Easy mode with buff and no banners.Without buff hmmm not recommended( mostly for mana regen)

  3. Can this build farm 75 ST constantly ?
    Not really atm with the current build maybe in the future but he is totally capable of doing 75 SR not in time to or maybe with a lot of luck.

Manage to do it without anything (shrine buff,…) but not in time

Video: That was a really easy boss phase not always like that :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: I got mogdrogen ardor equip here

  1. Is it hard to pilot ?
    Spin! You dont spin ? You died. (I will go more in depth in the strat XD)

  2. Is it fun? You like spining and throwing chaos bolt? You like watching your hp go full YO-YO mode? Do you like chaos animation? Then go ahead!!!

So lets go to the real deal now !

There is the beast :

Actual build use :

Edited => change to component on weapon, some devotion change and augment.


Without buff:

With buff : (not taking warcry into account)

Item (MI) to aim :


Helm : Covenant of the Three that helm is just too good for this build and the chaos bolt CD reduction is insane for the debuff with the weapon. I try Harbringer Helm but was not convince…

Weapon: The core of the build ! And the most important part about it Resistance down on ennemy touch by doombolt!

Chest: 2 choice here Vestement of Severed Faith good effect and good mana regen or Razin chest piece. Razin chest piece is good if we remove the belt for reason below

Belt: Razin Belt or Sash of the bloodlord(for fire => chaos conversion) so if you take bloodlord belt you loose the 3 set piece of razin and then you need to put the chest

Leggs: just a good MI mine is not that good try OA DA +Resist

Boots: Same as leggs try to get ‘‘OF THE KING’’ for stun resist and warcry
Greaves of Ill Omens are an interesting alternative (ty sir spanksalot) you got stun resist and +2 to soulfire so less damage taken from ennemy.

Gloves: 2 choice here Harbringers glove your chaos bolt hit really hard and with these gloves you can heal with it. The other option is Voidrend Talon for a better filler dps with auto attack when OOM but really harbring seem to be the better of the two but the option exist.

Shoulder: Razin Shouldergard nothing better so maybe some insane MI but you will loose the 3 piece set so…


Voidheart mostly for Chaos RR

Entropic coil just good nothing more to add

Amulet: Razin Gem just BIS Chaos RR

Medal: Sigil Of The Bear King here really its by default because nothing seems to be better… maybe some insane badge of mastery :smiley:

Relic: Here 2 choice Ignaffar for chaos RR or Serenity for 26/16 on EOR and some really nice def up
Serenity I think is just BIS but I have not drop the blueprint so :smiley:

Edit: Ty to ya_ to suggest Mogdrogen Ardor which is a realy strong alternative to Serenity

For Component and Augment :

Really do as you please my current setup seem good to me but really im no expert so feel free to tune it a bit :smiley: (The build got a big probleme againt boss phase MANA so Arcane Spark, Ectoplase can be replacement)
On the weapon a lot a choice are possible.

Skill point :

Really the obious one are not worth talking about but some point can be place elswhere if you fell this is not your taste like Haven or Clarity of purpose.

I have see some people who doesnt take Righteous Fervor with Consecration really its just too good to be taken away you will a lot of time be waiting for your mana potion and it is a really good filler and its only second to running away and spamming manapotion :smiley:

Devotion :
Here im in a deep thought about it so change are going to be made a think.

Dying god is obious.
Why Hourglass? Because with Wrath of tenebris your doom bolt just shred resistance and having a second cast instantly to spread the debuff or just to burst hard is absolutly insane!
Why not Abomination? really bad in SR some boss phase with no adds and you are screwed!

Some tweak can be made to the actual format like replace Viper by Wretch.

How to spin in a chaotic way?

First what to avoid ?
Any form of CC.
You get CC more than 2 sec and you are dead.

Against freeze always put on yourself Hoarfrost Ointment you can try the nemesis of undead without really I wish you good luck !!!
Against stun Boots!
Again petrify CRY!!! not a lot of ennemy can but they are pretty deadly.

Fumble and reduce OA during Boss Phase in SR are deadly if you not spot them fast enough you will miss your spin attack and then no hp back and then go to the graveward!

Now how to engage stuff ?

Put Solael’s flame => Curse of Frailty => ascension => chaos bolt => chaos bolt at the same target or other to spread the debuff => 3 Righteous Fervor => SPIN => Curse of Frailty when debuff go off => Same for Solael’s flame=> chaos bolt on CD => refresh Righteous Fervor=> SPIN SPIN SPIN => Manapotion => SPIN => Cry and RUN and wait for Manapotion cd.

Dont forget when you are in a mosh pit with all the mob on the map or facetanking 2 Nemesis when you cast Curse of Frailty or refresh your Righteous Fervor buff the spinning STOP so choice the right time to do it !!! Not the same for chaos bolt becasue the spell will heal you full hp but beware some timing can be tricky.

Vire might is there if you need to rush on important target or dodge some comet or just to run when
Iron maiden, Grava’thull and Shar’zul are running after you :smiley:

Any nemesis can be facetank in solo just dodge Grava’thull little orb of DOOM.
Sometime during BOSS phase the more ennemy you are hitting whith your spin the better but check the ennemy of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Mutator to dodge

Corrupted = 15% chaos R to everyone no thanks !!! actually its doable but your are just making things way to hard.

Leveling Guide:

Just start with Oathkeeper rush EOR or Aegis of Menhir build.
physique EOR is the easiest to build
Take occultist only for blood of dreeg rest of the point go full into oathkeeper
Devotion go for Oleron and Azraka.
(acid aegis works too)

and just spin to lvl 100 :smiley: (buy a lot of mana potion to)

The BIG probleme:

Mana… its just absolutly awfull plz send help :smiley:
Some Boss team are absolutly impossible to pass with that build but I think a lot of build suffer that.

So feel free to correct me if something I say is wrong im not a GD expert =D
And of course I will take any suggest in consideration my goal is to make that build farm 75 SR consistently

Nice guide man,very good to read and pleasant color coding.I was hoping to post chaos EoR Sentinel,but now should focus on something else,maybe chaos Shieldbreaker or Paladin.I think with serenity this build can become even safer in SR.Because GT shows average values,whats are your stats in game and more importantly sheet DPS.

Not that I personally care, but it’d be nice if you mentioned the people who helped you make the build what it is.

P.S. Good job!

Again… someone posting a build before me. Here’s some feedback.

  • The strength of this concept lies in procs (both for dmg and sustain) and you got only one of them - Eye. The other two are Fiend and Korvak.

  • If you do a GDStasher’s build then Badge of Mastery will give you hardcap to EoR and even allow you to wear 2pc Harbinger with a MAJOR boost to dmg.

  • There is no solution to energy. No amount of Ectoplasm will make it 100% sustainable. Going for Harp (possible) means dropping too much. Energy pita is a part of this concept gameplay.

  • IMO Solael weapon component is worth dropping Riftstone. Its 10 flat 60% dmg less but Soloal boost energy absorb from spells and rr is just too precious… (BTW they should seriously consider give 2h two slots for components…)

  • …but not precious enough to warrant using Ignaffar. Imo, Mog relic is BiS. That last rank in EoR…

Do you mind if I post a separate guide to this wonderful build? Mine has no greens and is in general more accessible to the public.

Oh shit, such a colorful thread. I like it. I’m actually talking about the thread, not build. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I will be home I will add the screen of my stat without buff and with it Don’t know why I have not done it … it was a bit late maybe Xd. Oh and ty :smiley:

I’m pretty sure i have mention you on boots parts^^ but yeah it’s only you that I have mention I will edited that!

Ty for feedback yeah like you say I have already try some of your advice like harbringer set but was not convince not badge of mastery to :slight_smile:
You suggest mogdrogen relic ?
And devotion are not optimal we are ok on that :slight_smile:
Yeah feel free to do so more build is always good !!! O/

Oh ty yeah it take time :stuck_out_tongue: can I have your pointer why are you not convince by the build :cry:

Thank you for the guide, I am going to give it a try :slight_smile:

Any chance of you posting a video doing 75? Would like to check it.

I have absolutly no idea how to record video dont know if my setup will be able to but I can give it a try
And yeah like a said its not 75 SR consistently you will rot blood :stuck_out_tongue:

Download OBS it is super easy to set it up. I just wanted to see how it performs.

In 40 min the video will be upload its was not that hard actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Mogdrogen ardor is absolutly amazing really ty !!!

I’m looking forward to this video. It isn’t easy piloting this spec, good on you for getting to 75

Video is here :smiley: sry for the sound ( I will shut my mic next time :p)
Really easy boss and map it is not always so smooth :smiley:

Advice on piloting: keep your eye on your buffs. In the last fight with kuba, you ran out of energy, and solael’s witchfire turned off.

yep I notice it once kuba was aggro my bad XD
My skill can get a bit of improvement we are right on that :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… nicely done. I’m positively shamed. I didn’t think it was possible even with greens… Must be the extra adcth and res overcaps.

Can you post the exact setup you did it with? You got well over 14k health in the video and your op pic shows 13k.

By the way if you’re not going for Korvak you can easily get Harp for the energy.

The only change was mogdrogen ardor on relic thanks to you !!!
And yeah I try Korvak Fiend Devotion but cant figure why I got obliterated by any Boss phase. Maybe loosing to much DA dunno.

For the harp I make quicky this but I really dont know if this will work

not enough love for this build, but its my favorite. mine can only get to SR 60 tho haha