Check DBR's for broken links

Hi. Is there a tool that can check your mod for broken DBR entries. Like, file path problems when pointing to other DBRs, or failure to put “.dbr” at the end, or similar?

I believe GDModSuite can do that. Not sure, am not using it (I have my own custom solution :wink: )

Sadly, I don’t think that tool suite works properly any more. The usage instructions are very straightforward, but none of the various tools (which I configured individually) work properly. For example, if I copy a vanilla DBR file into my mod (and build the mod), and then execute the pruner, it says there are no overlaps. The search tool returns no results on extremely common search terms that would be found in many DBR files. Finally, the mod checker returns 6807 errors and 6697 broker references. Looking at the first few, these broken references are clearly pointing to dbrs in the (vanilla) game database.

So I’m not sure what’s wrong, but there’s little I can do with this tool suite, as there’s not any more configuration options. I’ll post this over in that thread, but looks like the tool is probably abandoned at this point…