Chickens Coop & Stables

im suggesting the following animals:

1- chicken coop for birds like chickens and ducks (ducks produce better feathers but maybe expensive or in higher tier) that can produce meat same as the barn also eggs and feathers to make pillows as luxury goods

2- horse stable to produce horses to help farmers also the wagon shop as horses can age up and die then the wagon owner will need to buy a new horse, farmers can get horses to help them move items and maybe there can be a sort of saddlebag from willows produced to use on horses and help move harvested plantations faster

3- pigpen to produce pigs and pigs can make meat and lots of meats

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These have already been suggested several times. Whether we’ll get them in the game …

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Same as I mentioned? Like with the feathers and saddlebag and wagon shop horse die?


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Even if someone suggested a chicken coop to produce feathers to make pillows and a horse stable to provide horses for the wagon shop when the horses get old or sick and die and to make a saddlebag from willow to add on horses and help farmers to get crops moved faster still will be good to add it :blush:

also its not about making a new idea, i was only trying to give back a feedback as a player in the game for something i think we need it so until it will be available in the game i think there will be many players suggesting this often

New ideas and suggestions are part of what the Forum is all about.
On the other hand, as closely as the Crate Team monitors this Forum, I would bet that they already have a long list of the suggestions for new animals, buildings, mechanics, etc that we have festooned these posts with over the months.

The main effect of multiple posts with the same or similar suggestions, I would think, would be as an informal ‘poll’ of what New Ideas would be most popular among the gamers.

By that, I suspect some kind of Water Use, like bridges, piers, boats, etc has been the most-requested addition, followed closely by Horses and after that all kinds of ‘extra’ Food Animals.

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On top of that, I would not mind seeing Cats and Dogs added to the game, heck even if it is an DLC I have to buy, lol.
Cats can work as an upgrade for the rat catcher and you may able to see the seldom interaction of a cat in town persuing a mouse, that would awesome and hilarious.

And dogs could become a companion for the hunters, along with some hunter specific upgrades for protection. Those boars are not going to kill themselves!

It would be nice if we get the hunter to trap a couple of boars and we can create the pig pen based on those catched boars.

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