[Chit-Chat] Favorite Undervalued Items

Just curious as to what items you folks think are undervalued by the community. Certainly this would vary by build, but I’d like to hear what items you think are neat. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I suppose mine, early-game would be the Blood Seal. Load of regen allows you to stockpile potions and really keep yourself alive.

Mutant Bludgeon - bashing heads with a critter’s severed arm


Using it for my Conjurer, nice health, nice proc :slight_smile:

Chains of Anguish (Belt)

Sorry, cant post links.
I have 72% dmg and 9% adcth. If you play around debuff it’s very good item for leveling I think.

All my builds are heavy into pots. IMO, most important drop in the game. Certainly, the only constant between all toons.

Not exactly an item, but a full leveling set of gear is a godsend for an altoholic like me. Generals Necklace and rings, generals belt + generals Bountyhunter belt for post level 28, general’s ribbon, hermit legguards, explorer’s hood. You’re running around with +38% xp early on, and two further upgrades to my items (The General’s Bountyhunter belt I mentioned, and a level 45 amulet that has +8% xp natively) puts me to 46%. Get 2 officer’s weapons, and I’m at +56% xp.

Hit level 60 in a single clearing of the game map, np np.

salt bag… the ticket to death! :rolleyes:

Prismatic Eviscerator. Surprisingly high DPS and can work with any element. Great for leveling.

Those who use it appreciate it a lot I’m sure, but I never seen anyone talk about the Arbiter relic. Gavel of justice fucking op mang

I sincerely believe Arbiter can even compete with mythical relics for certain unconventional builds. It’s that good.

That said, it’ll probably be nerfed.


  • [li]Royal Excuberance Set[/li]These set is very useful for Leveling. For all my characters, I almost never changes these set until I reach ultimate.
    [li]Aetherstorm Set[/li]I only have seen build using these by Wolfoverclocked, but I dunno if anyone actually using these.

I really like this one too :slight_smile:

I was actually just looking at this thinking it looked pretty decent. I’ll check it out!

I have just started a Tremor Battlemage and intend to use this relic.

I like the Blightshard Amulet and am looking forward to use its empowered version.

Isaac’s Spaulders and Slith Primal Ring are often among my most useful two items for fresh characters that often see extended use early on (the Spaulders especially so if they get some good rolls). The other beginning area Green weapons also have varying amounts of use but their use often wears out far quicker than these two.

Slith Primal Ring. All three versions. I love those things.

Yea, there are a lot of blue items at low-medium levels that have sick stats compared to other blues and even some purples at similar levels (Alkamos rings are insane for lvl 30, Right hand of Carnage competes with most lvl 70 purples…), but only a few endgame items are quite as underappreciated as Temporal Archblade. The stats on that thing are insane and the proc is probably the second strongest in terms of added dps after dw Deathmarked weapons.

Can someone already make a 2-hander elemental conversion Battlemage already?

You about got me tempted to go for it after looking at it ;o

the relic from the Rover quest in Arkovian Foothill, you keep the relic when you lie about not having it, its active gives 100 300 500% total damage on normal elite ultimate respectively, it also provides %all dmg and all attributes.:rolleyes:

Explorer’s garment set. It really helps with advancing through early game faster.