Class for DW pistols?

Hi all
I wonder which class is the best for dw pistols?
Pyromancer, Purifier or Tactician

Purifier probably.

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Define best. Best endgame potential builds? Best levelling experience? Easiest to gear? Definitely not Tactician, dual Havocs would be obvious play but aside from that idk. Pyromancer DW ranged would be Darkblaze and nothing else really.

Purifier would be best all around imo. The class was basically built for DW ranged, very easy to level and gear, plenty of endgame build options (although certainly not in the top 20 but still very decent)

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Best class in the terms of what?

You can have fun with any class, wielding two pistols.
I’ve made / will made
Cabalist (Occu+Necro)
Druid (Arca+Sham)
Sorcerer (Demo+Arca)
Tactician (Sold+Inqui)
Trickster (Sham+Night)
Warlock (Occu+Arca)
Spellbinder (Arca+Necro)
Witch Hunter (Night+Occu)

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Lots of ways to make DW Pistol builds! My fav:

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It look like amazing bro!
Do you have some leveling guide for newbie?

Thanks, but I do not have a leveling guide. It’s more of an endgame build since you cannot DW pistols until level 25 and you will need to farm the Dark One set.

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Pierce Tactician can definitely go with faction item, pretty decent for cheap build like this