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Hello there!

First of I am enjoying this game very much, the graphics, the systems and evolution of the city is done really well.
But I am wondering when are cloud saves going to be implemented, at the moment I can’t play on Nvidia Geforce Now unless I want to start over again when I go back to gaming.
Can you give me an ETA or some type of “soon” “in the near future”.

Thanks and good luck with future content for FF.


I was going to ask the same thing.
That would be a great feature to use Cloud Save.

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They don’t support them right now, but if you have room on your OneDrive (or similar service) you can make it so you personally have cloud saves.

Create a folder on your OneDrive and copy your saves there, delete the “Save” folder in My Games\Farthest Frontier. Then replace that folder with a Symlink for “Save” folder to the folder on your OneDrive. Here is the command

mklink /D “C:\Users<YOURUSER>\Documents\My Games\Farthest Frontier\Save” “C:\Users<YOURUSER>\OneDrive<WhateverPath><folder Name>”

to give you an example with real values here was the command on my machines

mklink /D “C:\Users\theka\Documents\My Games\Farthest Frontier\Save” “C:\Users\theka\OneDrive\SyncedAppData\SaveGames\FarthestFrontier”

I would not advise using OneDrive, we’ve already had a report of it messing up with saving games.

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Any cloud service can mess with save games if you don’t give it time to sync. but with 1Gbps fiber internet it sync instantly for me

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