Cold caster Spellbreaker in 1.1.5?

First time playing Grim Dawn, first character. I followed some random guide about playing a cold caster Spellbreaker and at level 30, it’s going alright. A lot of kiting though.

I didn’t realize 1.1.5 was an important patch level until after I started following the guide, and it seems like there were a few changes. :slight_smile:

Are cold caster Spellbreakers still viable? I know it hasn’t been that long since 1.1.5 dropped, and I’m at a loss as to what older guides are safe to follow. I mean, I’ll finish all the content and reach the level cap, but some build advice would be great.


Unless you’re an endgame freak and you feel depressed and suicidal if you can’t do Crucible 150-170 in less than 5 minutes, kill all Celestial without tweaks and get to SR100 with zero deaths - then all classes are viable.

Spellbreakers have a few cool options. Star Pact gives you extra CDR which is good for nuke casters such as Shadow Strike (probably best now) but also ABB+OFF builds.

But if you want absolutely toptier dps performance then 9 times out of 10 infiltrators will be better than breakers.


Thanks for the info! I’m looking for fun + effective, and I have a penchant for cold/ice magics in fantasy. I’ve been having a blast with TSS nuking everything, but it requires a great deal of kiting. Right now, the character dies quickly any time something gets close heh. Trash clearing is Searing Ember fireball tied to Tsunami’s celestial power, with OFF and a +4 OFF item giving me some nice screen freeze. The quest for lowering enemy cold resist continues, and I’ve also been boosting lightning damage.

I’d recommend following this build: [] Nex & Ortus Mageslayer Spellbreaker - 5:45 Crucible [g3][c+][vid].

I saw that, since it was a 1.1.5 Spellbreaker build. I’ll give it a closer look. Thank you!

Harra’s spellbreaker should still be powerful i guess, it’s on my list but didn’t have time to try it yet. Nery did a great build based on CT and PB cold blades is a long time classic.

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V1.14 DT330 破法者 火焰 虚化射线
巫火+法师杀手套+脉动碎片+生命指环+奥祖因勋章+ 永恒
法师副手 人物 高+ 牧水/传说娘
FYI. (Not sure how it plays out in current version, cannot keep tracking of all the fixes and changes)

I don’t know enough about Grim Dawn pre-1.1.5 since I didn’t play it then. I do know that 1.1.5 made a huge number of changes, and I don’t have the knowledge base to understand what pre-1.1.5 builds are still good.

…crap. I just realized I’m getting conflicting information.

Per the wiki, Maiven’s Sphere is reducing my damage output by a significant amount.

Per Grim Tools and in game, all it’s doing is damage absorption.

Either the wiki is out of date, or the game is hiding mechanics. Guess I’ll be using Grim Tools as an out of game reference now, because I think the wiki is the most likely culprit.

The wiki is something of a joke, often horribly outdated

That’s the original wiki… no longer supposed to be in use.

This one is more up-to-date and the one everyone is supposed to be using:

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Thanks! I’ve been googling skill names and such and the original wiki kept coming up.

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