Color code for MI items

Hello, i have a suggestion : make a different color code for MI item (orange for example). Having green is confusing for the farm.
Thank for reading me

It’s been asked before. Crate is reluctant to change it out of concern for color-blind people, so instead they make MI’s color-blind for everyone else, of course. Makes sense.

You can always use the item color mod to recolor everything to match your custom preferences.

That’s what I do, and it works well. I recommend this.

Can color blind people distinguish the existing gear? blue, yellow, green, purple?

There isn’t a fifth distinct color option in the pallet of colors?

white, yellow, green, blue, purple.

red for potions and stuff, a different shade of purple for quest items (more pink iirc), cyan for formulas, etc. There’s quite a lot of other colors used for items.

Maybe they could use white for MI and use grey like in titan quest for mundane items (rather in TQ cracked were grey and mundane white). The mundane grey items you would stop using anyway by the time you killed the reanimator quest hopefully which might be like after your first 20 minutes into the game per character?

Another solution I would be happy with would be to add text to the item when I inspect it that says “this is a monster infrequent item” at the end of the descriptions on the item.

In Titan Quest it wasn’t a problem they didn’t use a different font because green affix items were relatively rare compared to Grim Dawn drops. So not so much needle in a haystack to make sure to note and pick them up. It would be like whoa it says Sabertooth or Stonebinder cuff I wonder if it is a special item? Now in Titan Quest AE they added a different color slightly different from rare green item, but I haven’t heard from the color blind community if it is possible or easy for them to distinguish between the shades?

Crate did trial text indicators in the past, but they were dropped in closed testing.

Ok im sorry if it has been asked before. I think it would be great to have this color without mod cause i like to play with other people who are vanilla

The item recolor mod is not a mod in the traditional sense. It’s a replacement English localization that changes the color of certain text. Since it is not loaded as a mod in-game, you can play multiplayer with anyone just as before.

Ok thank you for the information i will give it a try

May be the solution for the DEV would be to color the MI item with 2 color like half green/ half yellow in a horizontal way.

Or they could keep MIs green, but move normal greens to the yellow loot filter

it would be a great solution

Or they could make MIs rainbow color. That would be cool. But on a more serious note, i agree with the OP, i would also like to see a different color for MIs.

As Crate have replied to this same statement many times, it’s not possible, despite how much it might be liked.

Then we’d have way too much yellow stuff.

Dual colour I would guess wouldn’t work with the colour filter very well.

It is possible they just don’t time or will to do it. TQ engine allows it (see TQ:AE MI coloring).

TQAE doesn’t take colour blindness/vision problems into consideration as far as I know. Whereas GD does.

Given that there is a mod that does this exact thing without breaking anything…I fail to see how it’s ‘not possible’