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Discord is a Web and Desktop application allowing people to communicate through various ways including voice and text. It’s essentially an application accessible in your browser without any downloads but also as a standalone client for your desktop and even an app for your phone. Think of it as a community driven chat room with a lot of extra features. In addition to the fact that Discord offers a stunning amount of features including in-game overlays and a high quality voice chat without influencing FPS or general Computer performance more than having a notepad running in the background would.
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You can join us by clicking here and then either sign up in discord or just join anonymously with your selected nickname. There is no need to register or download anything. Of course if you want to use discord more often I would highly recommend that you download the client here.
If you have any specific questions about Discord you can also ask the staff in the community Discord.
This official Discord documentation also explains everything.
Though i would say that the best way to learn about what Discord has to offer is by simply signing up and getting started.

1. Follow the channel rules.
2. Be respectful to everyone.
3. Restrict yourself to english.
4. Posting pornographic, disturbing, illegal or political images/links is strictly prohibited.
5. There is no need to be upset about anything.
6. Moderators and Admins private message you for a reason, listen.
7. Do not advertise or encourage anything that is either against the TOS/EULA of Discord, Grim Dawn or Farthest Frontier.
8. Do not advertise any kind of Discord Servers, Community, Campaigns, Twitch or Youtube channels or any other links without explicit permission.
9. Check the links down below and use the search function in the offical crate entertainment forum before asking for support.
10. Political discussions and topics shall be kept short or entirely avoided if possible in all channels.

News about recent important events related to Farthest Frontier.
This channel will be updated with the official Crate Entertainment Twitter and Twitch account activity.
This channel will be used by the bot to post about all official Crate Entertainment employees account activities inside the Grim Dawn Forum, as long as they are in the Farthest Frontier Category.

↓ Farthest Frontier ↓
Is meant to be only about Farthest Frontier, however discussions related to Grim Dawn or at the current stage other ARPG’s are also allowed. This will change upon release of Farthest Frontier.
Closed community, open topic channel for grim dawn forum verified members.
(How to verify yourself in the community discord.)

↓ Offtopic ↓
Is meant to be about games.
(This is not supposed to contain #off-topic related posts)
Everything is allowed within range of the rules but use common sense, please keep political discussions at a bare minimum and stay respectful.
Is a image only channel. Post memes. Be respectful, no clearly over the line offensive content please.

The specific rules for the discord can be viewed in the #rules channel.
They are always up to date and also contain a little background information. If you have questions you can always message any of the staff members.

We have been establishing the original grim dawn community discord server more than 4 years ago and we plan on to continue the service for Farthest Frontier.
We are not affiliated with crate!

Admin, Community Administrator, Technical Administrator
TheOutcast(#7479) discord bot developer
Currently also the Admin of the Official Community Discord of Grim Dawn
View my website

Farthest Frontier Bot#5624
Information will follow soon.


Medea Fleecestealer(#3816)
Official Grim Dawn Forum Moderator and Moderator in the Discord

Feel free to use the following images/links at the end of your threads in the forum.
You can either link them to this thread or directly towards the discord server.

Direct discord link:

Small size logo + direct discord link.


Small size logo + thread link.


If you want a very high resolution version : Blue

Click on the image below to join.



What’s this Grim Dawn logo doing on my Farthest Frontier logo? :stuck_out_tongue:

See y’all there!

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The only link that i missed in the thread, i tried so hard …

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