Community Discord - Grim Dawn

The community discord is still very alive and thriving, join us!

Still havent found someone to play with ?
Join the discord and ask in #searching-players for company!

Still havent found someone to trade with ?
Join the discord and search in #trade for trades!

Correkt that Discord and Grim Dawn, are no longer vaild???

Huh? No, the GD Discord still exists.

Brilliant, thanks

A completely new website and documentation!
We updated the website regarding @The Outcast substantially.
New Design, new structure and technical additions.
If you haven’t taken a look yet we suggest you to do so!
click to visit the website here!
It also contains a ranking display based on the new ranking and experience system. More below.

The New Experience System
We now have a experience and ranking system. The experience system works based on messages send within our community channels.
Each message provides you with a certain amount of experience based on its length.
The usual calculation of experience is 1 + (message length / 100) per message.

While the system is in place to reward your activity in the discord with a noticeable chat color.
We encourage you to see this system to be in place for long term users of the discord server.
The EXP requirements are pretty high to encourage long term engagement rather than short term dedication.
(Display colors for ranks might change in the future.)

fantastic :rolleyes:

Updated the thread to match the new forum system and in preparations of a bigger update on the discord and The Outcast.

Is forum verification for Discord working currently? The docs say it shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds, but I’ve PMed TheOutcast 15 minutes ago and nothing happened… and since the PM link in the docs on is still for the old forum I’m wondering…

No, it’s not. Max is currently working on an updated Outcast and needs to get it working with the new forum platform. So no discord verification until he says it’s ready and working again.


Due to the new Forum System the user verification from The Outcast will be unavailable for some time until i have remade the system."

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Thanks - I looked all over, but couldn’t find the post you’re quoting…

@_nX: Maybe it’s just me, but a notice on one of the webpages in the verification workflow that it’s currently offline might have been helpful… :wink:

Yeah, that was his discord post about it last month.

None of the discord invites here seem to be valid.

They are all working for me though image

That’s peculiar. This is what I’m getting:

No sure what is happening, but it still works for me (The below pic uses the one in the OP)

Now for the link you used:

Well, my apologies and you can disregard my comment. Though it still doesn’t work when I click the link, I never thought to try copying the invite code into the discord app - that worked fine. =)

Thanks for this information. It useful

Forum Verification is back online and working!

If you want to have a look at the new publicly available Grim Dawn Discord Bot.
Here is its forum thread.

Updated thread with new invites and some other changes.

Had discord but could only read. Was blocked by claim your account. When I tried first it didn’t like my password as too weak , when I updated said account was already taken. deleted and downloaded discord app. Said lost password, put in a new one. List me by a nickname I had years ago. elad
Now need an invite.

Invite is on here on main page of the forum: