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Discord is a Web and Desktop application allowing people to communicate through various ways including voice and text. It’s essentially an application accessible in your browser without any downloads but also as a standalone client for your desktop and even an app for your phone. Think of it as a community driven chat room with a lot of extra features. In addition to the fact that Discord offers a stunning amount of features including in-game overlays and a high quality voice chat without influencing FPS or general Computer performance more than having a notepad running in the background would.
More here.

You can join us by clicking here and then either sign up in discord or just join anonymously with your selected nickname. There is no need to register or download anything. Of course if you want to use discord more often I would highly recommend that you download the client here.
If you have any specific questions about Discord you can also ask the staff in the GD community Discord.
This official Discord documentation also explains everything.
Though i would say that the best way to learn about what Discord has to offer is by simply signing up and getting started.

1. Follow the channel rules.
2. Be respectful to everyone.
3. Restrict yourself to english.
4. Posting pornographic, disturbing, illegal or political images/links is strictly prohibited.
5. There is no need to be upset about anything.
6. Moderators and Admins private message you for a reason, listen.
7. Do not advertise or encourage anything that is either against the TOS/EULA of Discord, Grim Dawn or Farthest Frontier.
8. Do not advertise any kind of Discord Servers, Community, Campaigns, Twitch or Youtube channels or any other links without explicit permission.
9. Check the links down below before asking for support.
10. Political discussions and topics shall be kept short or entirely avoided if possible in all channels.

News about recent important events related to Grim Dawn.
This channel will be updated with the official Crate Entertainment Twitter and Twitch account activity.
This channel will be used by the bot to post about all official Crate Entertainment employees account activities inside the Grim Dawn Forum.

↓ Grim Dawn ↓
Is ment to be only about Grim Dawn.
Closed community, open topic channel for grim dawn forum verified members.
(How to verify yourself in the community discord.)
Is meant to be about all about Grim Dawn mods and everything related.
(Other channels are not restricted to talk about mods for Grim Dawn.)

↓ Grim Dawn Builds ↓
This channel is for Grim Dawn build discussions and helping each other with game related questions based on making your characters.

↓ Offtopic ↓
Talk about all types of games.
Everything is allowed but use common sense.

↓ Community ↓
↓ No text conversations within the Community channels ↓
↓ Message people in private to get in contact. ↓
This channel is for the sole purpose of creating text posts with informations regarding the people you are searching to play with.
This channel is for the sole purpose of searching/finding people to trade items with.
Please use <LINK> if you are posting links.

The specific rules for the grim dawn discord can be viewed in the #rules channel.
They are always up to date and also contain a little background information. If you have questions you can always message any of the staff members.

We have been establishing this discord server for more than 5 years.
Peak users are around ~5.000 people online at the same time. The average is 3.500.
We are not affiliated with crate!

Admin, Community Administrator, Technical Administrator
TheOutcast(#7479) discord bot developer
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Custom Discord bot by nx(#8830).
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moderator, Grim Dawn mod developer

moderator, software developer

moderator, software developer, creator of the old and outdated TheOutcast

Elfe(#5863) Retired.
moderator, software developer, Grim Dawn modding expert, ex moderator on various Grim Dawn and Titan Quest forums

Moderator, long time trusted member

Janitor, long time trusted member


Medea Fleecestealer(#3816)
Official Grim Dawn Forum Moderator and Moderator

We have created the Discord community of grim dawn around 5 years ago and have been taking care of it since.

Our current dedication and development time is invested towards having a custom bot and website running.
There are alot of plans to expand the current features and design!

However to do this we need your support!

Our monthly server costs are around ~250€ total each year, mostly responsible for the cost is out custom bot and the costs of discord’s server boosting system.

We hope that you help us continue our community and development services.
A single dollar already helps!

With patreon you have the ability to help us each month. You can select the amount you want to donate to us monthly.
Visit our patreon site!

If you are more feeling towards a one time donation, you can support us with paypal. Each dollar we receive has a direct influence on the amount of time we can continue to provide our services.
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Feel free to use the following images/links at the end of your threads in the forum.
You can find diffrent colored high resolution logos down below so you can resize them to your needs.
You can either link them to this thread or directly towards the discord server.

Direct discord link:

Small size logo + direct discord link.


Small size logo + thread link.


If you want a very high resolution version : Blue, Brown, Grey.



I just want to publicly say how great this is. I encourage anyone who likes this game to check it out. You can find trades, people to play with or just talk about whatever in off-topic. But most importantly, on Discord, you can meet up with others that also love this game.

As for Discord itself, well, it is quite an amazing app/website. They really put a lot of thought into it and it shows.

And they have a mobile app!

Yes, this is great! You can voice chat with people while on the toilet!

Or that. I typically check it when at work…maybe on the toilet.

Updated the thread and the discord #rules channel.

If you havent joined yet i would highly suggest so!

niceeee let s talk :rolleyes:

It’s really good application software. good game applications.

Updates rules and staff list.

If you havent joined already, consider it :slight_smile:

yes great buddy and i am agree with you

Updates rules and staff list.

If you havent joined already, consider it :slight_smile:

Grim Dawn - Ashes of Malmouth Expansion will be released in 4 hours.

Still havent found someone to play with ?
Maybe join the discord and ask in #searching-players for company!

cool stuff

A trove of helpful resources and players from almost everywhere.

when on the toilet
or can use it elsewhere:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

And here I was wondering if this meant the My Little Pony version of Q from Star Trek was doing a Grim Dawn playthrough… keep hearing about Discord here and there and for me that word just makes me think of that character. :smiley:

The community discord is still very alive and thriving, join us!

Still havent found someone to play with ?
Join the discord and ask in #searching-players for company!

Still havent found someone to trade with ?
Join the discord and search in #trade for trades!

Correkt that Discord and Grim Dawn, are no longer vaild???

Huh? No, the GD Discord still exists.