Community Localizations (Build 27)

Create a Localization

Grim Dawn reads community localizations from the “/localization” subdirectory of the location the game is installed. This is usually similar to “Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Grim Dawn”. The game reads directly from a .zip file containing your localization files, which can be created using any standard .zip utility.

A community localization consists of a .zip file containing the localization texts along with a “language.def” file which tells the game the name of the localization as well as the font set to use.

example language.def:

author=John Smith

The name given in the language field is what shows up in in game options. Community localizations appear as “community_French” for example in the language selection box in game options.

Currently the following font sets are available:

“CS” - Czech
“DE” - German
“EL” - Greek
“ES” - Spanish
“FR” - French
“HU” - Hungarian
“IT” - Italian
“KO” - Korean
“NL” - Dutch
“PL” - Polish
“RU” - Russian
“ZH” - Chinese
“SK” - Slovak
“PT” - Portuguese
“BG” - Bulgarian
“JA” - Japanese
“VI” - Vietnamese (b27 hotfix 3)

If you are working on a localization and require a font set for a different language, please PM me the request along with a link to the unicode alphabet for your desired language.

Item Localization

Gender Support

If you want to make use of gender support, you need to edit tagItemNameOrder (it’s the first tag in “tags_items.txt”) to use ‘a’ instead of ‘s’ for the genderized parameters, and specify the index of the parameter which contains the item gender to use for the item.

for example (genderized prefix/quality/style/suffix, with gender chosen by name)


Gender codes would then be given to each tag representing an item name. The code present in the name is then used to pick from the genders supplied in other tags.

for example, a masculine singular object would be defined as follows:


and a genderized suffix would be defined:


Recognized gender codes are:

[ms] Masculine Singular
[fs] Feminine Singular
[ns] Neuter Singular
[mp] Masculine Plural
[fp] Feminine Plural
[np] Neuter Plural

Reorder All Item Names

If you want to change the order in which item names are built for all items (from prefix/quality/style/name/suffix to some other order), you can change the parameter indexes around in tagItemNameOrder.

for example, name/quality/style/prefix/suffix (all items)


Recapitalize Item Names

If you want to recapitalize the item name string after it is created you can prepend ‘$’ to tagItemNameOrder. The string will be changed so that only the first letter is capitalized.


“Godly Plate of the Whale” would become “Godly plate of the whale”.

If you want to mark a specific tag to prevent recapitalization you can prepend ‘$’ to the tag.

tagSuffixWhale=$the Whale

The item name would then become “Godly plate of the Whale”.

Individual Item Tag Reordering

If you require it, you can reorder only some tags, for example to move a certain prefix to the end of the item name, you can prepend reordering info to the tags.

The code is |X where X is from 1 to 9 indicating the new location relative to the locations of other tags.


Tags without reordering info set are considered to have ‘|0’. The tags making up the item name are then sorted in order of their indexes and the item name is created.

In this case, Warrior’s would be moved to the end of the string since all other tags aren’t reordered.

Conversation Localization

Gender of Target

You can change npc speech in conversations based on the gender of the target the npc is talking to (usually the player) using gender tags.

Hello [[ms]sir[fs]madam], how are you today?

Support for Scriptio Continua

If your language uses scriptio continua and you are encountering text wrapping issues in conversations, add the line “wordmode=false” to your language.def file.


If you have game related issues with your translation you can post in this thread for help.

Thanks to the community localizers for their effort!

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Great news! How about this ( question, Rhis?

I have a couple of questions not related to translation itself but to mechanism of translation files.

Why are there two different types of files? One via tags, and second via strings position (texts of dialogs)? Is it possible to make all translations via tags?

And second one: Is it possible to load first English localisation from .arc and next update it from localisation files? Currently the game doesn’t have fallback mechanism if localisation is outdated.

Very nice!

At first: two types are from TQ, tags are everywhere except conversations - text are divided by new lines. And it must takes many new tags and devs should make new structure for it - I think that it is late for this change.

At second: In development version is texts distributed in separated files, but after release it will probably included int arc, because all text will be finished. Who would like to still restart a game after change localization? And how game can recognize, that some translation is outdated? :slight_smile:

Pls coming back Rhis…:rolleyes:

Would you come back Rhis? :rolleyes:


The fonts are “Jura” (most text), “Linbiolinum Rah”, and “Linlibertine R”. You should be able to find them via google.

Rhis, just to be sure - does that mean we can just prepare/modify any suitable ttf cyrillic font and provide it to you and you will include it to the game instead of the current one? Thanks in advance.

Three days passed after this thread was made. We are eagerly waiting for new text for b27.

Assuming it’s either made from scratch or has a license that allows us to distribute it, then yes.

Files have now been posted.

Thanks. Can you tell me anything about those 2 questions I still have ?

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Since these are related to translation, I report in this thread.

  1. Typos
  1. tags_skills.txt
    tagClass06SkillDescription15A (Devouring Swarm)
    grevious wounds -> grievous wounds

  2. tags_items.txt
    tagTorsoD006Desc (Korvoran’s Chestguard)
    reknown -> known or renowned

lack of a quotation mark
tagFeetD010Desc=The very earth boils and cracks beneath these boots."
tagFeetD010Desc=“The very earth boils and cracks beneath these boots.”

tagRingD010Desc=Master Albrecht,… of the Gildam Arcanum."
tagRingD010Desc=“Master Albrecht,… of the Gildam Arcanum.”
and typo… reknown -> known or renowned

  1. lack of LF code
    (line 4) Salazar’s depravity is to end.{^n}{^n}Anyone willing to

(line 69) Salazar’s depravity is to end.{^n}{^n}Anyone willing to

(line 4) before this can happen.{^n}{^n}The Rovers understand

(line 4) He must be destroyed.{^n}{^n}We have set

(line 81) before this can happen.{^n}{^n}The Rovers understand
(line 101) He must be destroyed.{^n}{^n}We have set

  1. lack of space
    “Shanks”.But to really end this, -> “Shanks”. But to really end this,

  2. bq_hs14.txt (line 9)
    When the bounty of Homestead “Cavern Crawlers” is finished, the text of the earlier version remains in the quest log window.
    OK. This was corrected by b27 hotfix 1.

I use WinMerge.

Thank you, will try it :slight_smile:

Hello Rhis,

I cannot translate a breakdown of the damage displayed in “Damage Per Hit”. The word corresponding to these was not found in the text for translation.
Could you improve this problem?

Tags on items are duplicated:

After “tagLegsD013Desc” maybe should be “tagLegsF0xx”?

And “tagLegsD002” as well.

Probably, I think that these lines (line 1361-1369) are the garbage which has forgotten to be deleted.