complaining about new components

new components from AoM, they are really good
it’s so good that we can make easy-and-efficient builds (with only purples or 1 greens with new components)

but, now I’ve found the requirement of making new one is really insane.

for example, making a Living Armor requires 4 haunted steels, 20 ugdenblooms
and 4 rotten hearts.

if you guys who played this game legitedly(with no help from editor) would be surely understand what I’m saying.

4 haunted steels for 1 completed compo?
hah, it means 16 vengeful wraith!

and I’ve played this game more than 1400 hours,
now I have only 40~50-ish vengeful wraiths.(even I didn’t spend it much!)

yeah, surely we can farm some ectoplasms, in order to craft damn vengeful wraith.
but the coversion rate between ecto and wraith is also shit.
and probably you will know; how hard it is to farm it.

so how much time do you want crate?
I think this is not normal, this should be relieved.

now I am considering about using editor and leaving the trading thread.
yeah of course! I can use it and it’s nothing wrong.
however, regardless if I use the editor or not, this harsh requirements have to be reduced… I think.

+1 i dont understand this greending madness. >_>

Yes Yes Yes


These are the kind of things you would expect in a MMO not a single player oriented ARPG.
Sure there should be some challenge and cost to craft the components considering their power but this is too much.
I would wonder how players that enter the game with the AoM release would react to this.

the new components are nice but NOWHERE near powerful enough to warrant the cost if you farm everything yourself. it’s a PVE game, they shouldn’t worry too much about this, but people are going to copy the hell out of ingredients if the reward vs. effort is this off track for components.

they’re not THAT much better than the old stuff (with the exception of seal of blades, which is probably about to be gutted so we can forget all about that one)

I think some of them are really good and I like it.
yeah but they have really shitty feature for ‘efficiency’
it’s too harsh so maybe it could be leading users to editor using. (using editor is no problem. but this imbalance, it’s not good!)

they misguided the proper demand between material and items.
now materials are so precious and demanding, that it’s just too valuable so we have to remove the items from components, not components from items. LoL

It’s out of hand to say the least.

Yeah, the cost of Living Armor is just insane. I can understand that all those endgame components requires large numbers of Ugdenbloom (though its farming is boring as f*ck, because it doesnt involves killing enemies even - just run through map and loot few stumps, repeat 100 times). But 4 Haunted Steel? A one of the most expensive craftable components should be used 4 times, and for what? For that cost, that component should have absolutely godly stats, it should be something like Seal of Blades, not THAT nondescript piece of crap that could easily be replaced with many other nice and CHEAP components.

And BTW, when i will be able to put my 300+ Consecrated Wrappings, Soul Shards, Roiling Blood and many other similar components to any meaningful use? They drop like sh*t from fat cow, but they can only be used to enhance few items, and for few very unpopular recipes. So they just stack in huge numbers in my stash, while some other components, like Serrated Spike or Ectoplasm, are required in such huge numbers for eery decent recipe, that i should farm for them day and night!
And of course, when you dismantle items, you get only “useless” components.

The cost for Living Armor is definitely out of line and should be reduced to an Ecto or Wraith imo.
But until then you can just make Sacred Plating instead and use different Augments to adjust to the difference.

I agree that many of the components just have no use at all except in the rare craft here and there. Some of the existing often-used recipes should be changed so they don’t all require the popular parts (Searing Ember, Chilled Steel, Spikes, Claws, Ectoplasm, etc.)

Or add some more recipes involving the less used components to transform them into something else. (like Attuned Lodestone :))

Today I finally gave up on Ugdenblooms and crafted my shit with GDStash, and I’ve never done that before except for a silly “of Kings” boot because I ran out of money ingame. Grinding for components is only fun to certain limit.
At least we can be sure that in the next update blowing stuff up may yield a few ugdeblooms :eek:.

Making a single Seal of Blades was more painful than a lot of level 70 relics. Seriously, it asks for 4 Bloody Whetstones, each asks for 4 Blessed Whetstones, which each in turn asks for 4 Serrated Spikes.

I mean, it’s probably one of the best level 90 components, but yeesh.

Oh hell yeah.
It was good when I didn’t know this fact.
it was even better when I didn’t know about living damn armor.

alright, so where’s GD stash?

I will never use GD stash, duplicating stuff etc., but, c’mon… it is absolutely ridiculous to craft more than 1-2 of these new components. I have 2 legit crafted Seals of Blades and I’m completely out of mats. And before AoM I had hundreds of them (1400 hours played).

There are 2 ways of fixing this:
-drastically increase the drop rate of the basic components like serrated spikes, ectoplasms, chipped claws etc
-decrease the requirements of the new stuff

Also you have to make dismantling of the mythical items much more rewarding.

at least they are still in your storage, filling your storage, and you can feel how many times you’ve played Grim Dawn… when seeing their amount.

so, I’ve played this game so far, like 1800+ scavanged plating, 1600+ polished emerald, 968 searing ember, 549 consecrated wrappings stacking. how about you?

Just have a look at the Trading Thread. Legendaries are traded for Scavenged Plating, Ugdenbloom, Iron, Dynamite…

Well, I would say, craft mats are the new legendaries. :cool:

I dont get it, if you bothered to farm the bloody game even if just SOT/Bastion/Ugdenbog -> Mourndale route you’d have enough to craft those stuff. Has people not bothered to pick things up? :rolleyes:

Ugdenbloom is the real problem though, costing 20+ is ridiculous.

You have enough Iron Bits and Scavenged Plating to craft dozens of Stoneplate Greaves to get the right Affixes? I don´t.

It is sometimes easier to get a few legendaries and trade them for mats than farming the mats.

They could also make the rewards for doing the bounties that give components much more rewarding. They could also make a lot more of the rare components have a chance to drop from heroes/bosses/hidden stashes/treasure troves/etc.

Personally, I’d really like the rewards for doing bounties to be adjusted once you hit revered. Cause right now, they’re largely not worth the hassle. I mean, if you had a chance to get a component fragment for some of the new ones, I feel like bounties would become a lot more appealing again.

and thanks to spoiled goofy people whining that seal of blades is TOO powerful expect it to be nerfed through the floor, and i wouldn’t be surprised if they leave the recipe the same.

unless you have infinite MATs and the luxury of being SO-DAMN-GOOD at grimdawn that you already think the new components are overpowered, i would definitely hold off on making them.

“balance changes are coming” so i’m expecting quite a few nerfs. not because the game needs them, but because that’s what i’ve come to expect. the tip top 0.0000000000000000000000001% of players whine that something is a little too powerful, and all the dedicated-casual players tend to get screwed in the following patch. Crate even admitted only 7% of players EVER FINISH ELITE. so what is that less than 1% finish ultimate?

They need to ask themselves who they’re building this for. It’s already the most difficult ARPG in history, and i play with friends FOR FUN. we don’t need them to turn this into the da vinci code of gaming.

Playing pure self found/no shared stash with each char, I know some of these exist, but not something I ever get to see/use.