Complete Remaster of Grim Dawn's vanilla textures, I bring you GrimTex

Over the course of the past few weeks I decompiled and remastered every texture in grim dawn, using a plethora of professional grade tools I have gathered over the 20 years ive been making and modding games. Mainly textures and models. I love this game, have seen how much work, and love Crate has put into making it. I will probably work on Titan Quest next. The scope of this mod is so large it does not work in the mod folder, or as a traditional Grim Dawn mod. It needs to go into the settings folder. It should work with any other mods that go into the mod folder, with no issue. If there are any problems with it. Please let me know! I hope everyone enjoys using this mod as much as I did making it. GrimTex at Grim Dawn Nexus - Mods and Community Update: I fixed the water fx, and some other fx issues. Missed a few alpha merges.


Some comparison pics would be nice!

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Good idea ill add a few!

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Thanks Denis!

Nice work!
I want to make a few remarks.
First of all, looks like you incorrectly pack items.arc/ All changed textures are in root directory.

And about file replacement (because I’m not in favor of it). You actually no need share .arc-s. Game load unpacked resources from Grim Dawn\settings folder.
This prevent modded files from overwriting with (possible) updates or client repair. It also allow to not share unmodded files like models, animations etc.
I already checked it. Unpacked modified files are 9GB instead of 11GB for unpacked archieves, and 4,3 GB rar5 default compression archieve instead current 5,3GB.

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I could not get them to load in the mod folder. It would only load about half the textures, and not the other half. I do not see an error log anywhere that tells me what is loading and isnt; maybe I overlooked it? If you can make me a template mod folder that works without making a custom game, I would be happy to change it. I built the mod originally in the same file structure as the vanilla resource folder. All of the .tex were in all their correct directories, and it still did not load my custom textures. The game also treats my .arc files just like the vanilla ones, so other mods do in fact work with it. If there is an update, I have a script that can repack it in minutes, and have the update live. Since I included all the vanilla meshes, models, etc in the .arc files, there is no path variability issues.It is like it was not parsing my mod files as separate files based on their meta data. I would love to not distribute .arc. It was much more of a pain to do it this way! lol I did C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\GrimTex\resources. I placed the directories and compiled them into .arc that shared the same name as the vanilla .arc. Without the meshes and animations. Did not load, or when it did load a custom world, the world was broken. Skills missing etc. I built the mod using assetmanager originally, and built a custom database using the vanilla database files in records.

:slight_smile: Top is before, bottom is after.

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settings folder, not mod folder

apparently all sorts of fun stuff can happen there

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How interesting! :slight_smile: I will test this. I appreciate you showing me this.

i’ve no idea about the specifics/structure you’d need for your specific stuff, best handle that with Denis/the experts :sweat_smile:

All the material for the game I have read suggests following vanilla file structure. I would much prefer a simple approach like this, than making .exes and arc files lol!

Just checked, items.arc root contains inventory item bitmaps that actually shouldn’t be there.

Thank you I will take a look now! I appreciate the help too!

If you already compile files with asset manager just copy all folders from Grim Dawn\mods\GrimTex\resources to Grim Dawn\settings

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That worked! That is SO much easier. Wow! Thank you so much. I will change the path of the .exe to send the non .arc files there!

I have the original files of course, all tucked away in their vanilla directories. I also re-did the normal maps too, but did not add those because of size issues and was difficult to test properly :slight_smile:

looks promising! does it change anything according to overall game performance?

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is the exe safe ? I got a virus warning.

Hey man. Yeah the old one used powershell to open a bunch of windows to download it from my cloud server. My new .exe, if nexus allows me to upload it. Is a lot better. Whenever an .exe is not digitally signed, it will flag antivirus software.