Complete Remaster of Grim Dawn's vanilla textures, I bring you GrimTex

what location is that? is it just those bricks? :slight_smile: I am working on the expansions now!

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Yes these are just some parts of the floor, there is not much of it. The name of the location is in the top right of the screenshot.

I am also not in the position to play this right now, but from all these comments, it sounds like it will indeed become a definitive way to play Grim Dawn from now on.

Yeah I’m there now. it’s just the bricks/floor textures. Using as of today the latest available Dl fr the nexus with expansions inc.

How beefy gfx card do we need to run the main version and maintain 60fps minimum?? Regardless, thank you for your contribution!

I added the remaster for those again in newest version lol

I would say a gtx 1080 or above would play the game at 60fps in 1080p and 2k. Then if you want to play in 4k I would suggest a 2080ti or better. Even in 4k it uses mostly under 8GB vram.

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Yeah I can not figure out the name of that exact texture. If anyone knows its an easy fix for me.

For reference, I play GD at 4k with a GTX 1080 at over 60 fps (avg is around 80-90)

This being merely a texture mod, all that should matter is the amount of VRAM users have available. It should have no relation/impact to general rasterization/video card speed.

  • So basically, as long as players have 8GB of VRAM, there should be no discernible difference in performance over vanilla etc. :+1:

Keep up the great work Deathfather!! I CANNOT WAIT till the entire game (including expansions) has been retextured!

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I just bought 6600 8 gig (hard to pass at $180, coming from a 1050ti) and I think it is around 1080 performance, thank you! Worst case I use the less intensive version, happy either way.

Thank you for the info, I am not up to date or good with understanding everything pc part related haha, but I think my new gpu should be ok based on your info, appreciate it!

I finished expansions the other day :wink: newest version contains them!

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also higher texture resolution does not just take more vram, but also more cuda cores/compute units. :slight_smile:

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I know this doesn’t answer your question exactly but I’m using the 4x version with a 6700xt 2560x1440 140 fps max settings dx 11 with only a few dips in problem areas like the Asterkarn mountains.

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Thank you! Obviously your card is more powerful than mine, but I bought it knowing full well it is a solid 1080p card. A little googling makes it sound like in theory I will be able to run it at the lower resolution with plenty of frames to spare. My pc is connected to my tv, so I cap out at 120 regardless. Appreciate the info!



That is a good read, thank you as well.