Component Auras Discussion

So, still nothing frost-based on archer/ranger-esque?

Oh well, maybe next time.

Any chance you’ll actually fix the aura issues for the expansion?

That’s the issue. They never fixed the auras, they simply removed them. I’m still holding out for an actual fix so I can return to the game come the expansion.

The auras were not removed, they just no longer affect other players.

Splitting hairs. Auras that are not auras are not auras. Don’t be ridiculous.

It affects you and your pets, so claiming they do not exist is a lot more ridiculous than saying they no longer affect other players. You made it sound like the whole buff is gone. If you want to focus on the ‘aura’ part, be my guest :rolleyes:

They don’t. The auras were removed, and replaced with passives for the summons, unless they changed it again. I haven’t actually played since they removed the auras, since I have no interest in it, so I may not be entirely up to date.

Regardless, I want to see them returned, obviously.

Edit: Here’s the relevant patch notes, in case you missed them:

Auras granted by Components have been converted to self buffs. This was done in response to the rare issues reported in regards to those auras killing players in Multiplayer (particularly in Hardcore mode). […] As this change is detrimental to pet builds, these skills now also give pet bonuses. […]

I wouldn’t hold your breath over it. They had been trying to track that bug unsuccessfully for a very long time and even released numerous fixes that they had hoped might resolve it which of course proved unsuccessful.

It doesn’t help that noone was ever able to successfully reproduce it in a reliable fashion, which complicates the issue considerably. I don’t blame them for making the decision to 1) implement it in a fashion that no longer was killing players, and 2) washing their hands of it to focus on other things.

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Wasn’t there a Crate post somewhere saying this was a lingering bug from Titan Quest? Not to belittle Crate, but…Expecting them to fix a bug that old, with how much effort must’ve already been spent on it…? Seems like a long shot.

yes semantics… when you said they removed the aura I assumed you meant the buff was removed entirely.

All that changed is that it is now a buff to the player and the pets. So for SP there is no difference whatsoever. For MP you now do not have the aura buffs of other players.


Also, remember…This game is a SINGLE player game, that happens to have multi tacked on. The priority seems pretty clearly to be single player, and as a single player? I appreciate that.

There are a couple of buffs for SP:

  1. No radius restriction on pet bonus.
  2. Component buffs are stackable as self-buffs, whereas area auras are non-stackable. Now one can stack the same component on main/off-hand.

However, many of the pet bonuses have been somewhat nerfed from their component aura stats. For example, Electrifying Weapons grants 5-15 lightning damage and 12% stun for the player (consistent with the former component aura), but the pet bonus was reduced to 4-12 lightning damage and 8% stun.

Most people play SP without pets, so the change was mostly a buff.

No, no, of course I meant aura when I said aura. Thinking that I was saying that the skills were removed entirely is a very odd inference. :rolleyes:

It was said that they’d keep working on it, and expansions are usually the best opportunity for overhauls, so I was asking just in case there’d be some news. Me and my friends are itching to return to the game, but there’s really not that much of a point in it’s neutered state, and it’s especially egregious when it was imposed on everyone, despite being a rare bug that only really affected a small subset of a fraction of players when it even occurred.

So here’s hoping.

As someone who experienced this bug repeatedly (and I experienced it even after the fix: I managed to murder another player repeatedly with the Deathchill relic aura because of the retaliation damage ping-pong) I can say restricting component auras to only work on the player wielding them was a better alternative than leaving it.

Unless this discussion goes beyond component auras affecting multiplayer allies, I can’t imagine how an entire game experience can feel ‘neutered’ and ‘egregious’ when the component auras still function adequately for the individual players and - at least drawing from how I play Grim Dawn - comprise a very small portion of the skills and strategies used in the gameplay overall. As far as I’m aware, all class-based auras such as Blood of Dreeg, Mogdrogen’s Pact, and Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange still work on allies as they had before - it’s only the auras from weapon/armor components that were restricted to only benefit the player wielding them.

Maybe you can throw me a bone here - in what way has restricting component auras made you feel like the game is no longer playable? Character builds have been essentially untouched by the change (at least, mine haven’t, and if a build falls apart based on whether or not it’s getting the miniscule damage boost from rarely-used multiplayer component auras, I can’t imagine how hellish that player’s single-player experience must be), players can still support each other through class auras. I’d certainly like to see a few examples of how ‘everyone’ this temporary fix was ‘egregiously imposed’ on somehow cannot play Grim Dawn for want of what was essentially a peripheral multiplayer-specific feature.

Grim Dawn and ARPGs aren’t for everyone, I realize - I’m not saying you ‘must’ enjoy Grim Dawn. What I’m saying is that I’m getting the impression that such a relatively minor fix to the gameplay is somehow the difference between ‘good’ and ‘broken’ for you, and I’m having trouble sympathizing with that at all.

I’d like to point something out here - the auras being removed can also be a nerf for singleplayer as well. Specifically, for pets that scale off of player bonuses (Revenant’s Raise the Dead as an example). They no longer deal the damage.