Components becoming garbage

I think should make some recipes for combining components into hearts/brains/bloods/manticore eyes etc because most of the components are pretty useless after u have a few of them in ur stash, you dont even feel like picking them anymore and the only thing it makes you think when mobs are dropping their loot is just “bleh… another binding of bysmiel” (dont get me wrong. components are nice, but after u’ve done ur things with them are not so “nice” anymore unless u change gears daily…)
So… maybe some kind of exchange like idk… 20 searing ember into 1 Heart or 1 Brain … or 10 searing embers + 2 corpse dust into 1 Brain …
The purple drop rate its… acceptable lets say but what it drops it kinda crap, your better chances for getting what u need seems to be to craft the legendaries in tyrant hold, and ofc u need tons of mats like brains/hearts/bloods considering that the chance to craft randomly an item that fit ur needs its quite low i guess that could stimulate a little more the ppls if they can get some extra mats for crafting legendary out of crappy mats that they dont need.

I get what you are saying. :slight_smile:

For me i would like to see the lower level components, ember for example, being more useful. After a single play through or so you have like 50 and seriously never use them. I would like more components being Kind of like bristly fur, you get a crap ton but its ok because you use them for dense fur and then for crafting.

Also the blacksmith in the necropolis is useful for interchanging bloods, brains, and hearts. And the treasure troves help with this because they have a decent rate of dropping a crafting mat, such as brains, bloods, eyes, ect. but it would be nice to use a sum of low level components to create for useful mats.

Anyways modding tools come out this week so maybe some one will make some changes to lower level components to make them more appealing. :smiley:

Thats because they removed the completion bonuses from components… truly was the Grimmest day in Grim Dawn ever :frowning:

But c’mon… don’t you remember how our inventories used to look? Those were DARK days. And if you think people are complaining about too little stash space now.

Off topic a little but maybe it could just give a random completion bonus when you bind it to an item?

The double edge sword. :wink:

Its great that removing them allowed us to stack them saving stash space, but it was awesome rolling a component with +1 to X skill or all skills (for a particular class of course).

Another thing i never understood is why the npc in tyrant hold crafts me belts when i want accessories… and belts again when i want armors, a belt should be in one of the categories not in both…

On topic… yea my stash has a full page of components … im piling them up daily but with a bleh feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve mentioned this before, but Titan Quest had stronger versions of every component that dropped in higher difficulties, and I don’t really understand why this game doesn’t do the same. It’s especially jarring with granted skills. That ice spike I got from Deathchill Bolts is rather less useful at level 85 Ultimate than it was when I made it back in normal.

There are stronger versions of most components, but most need to be crafted and can’t be found.

It just feels to me like the game needs plain more components.

Perhaps make a system where you can combine components to make super components or some such.

I’m aware that crafted components exist, and even mentioned Deathchill Bolts specifically in my post. It’s still a level 15 item though…and I’m level 85 now.

What he means is in TQ you had Normal and Epic and I think a 3rd tier of components, where as here you just get normal 3/3 and then rare which are 4/4 for completion.

I prefer the TQ style TBH, makes more sense and is easier to keep track of. After 300 hours in GD I am still not sure on all of the components and find myself spending far too much time looking at them all in my stash.

Yeah, side effect of the completion bonus removal. While new mechanics opened quite a lot of free stash space, at the same time greatly decreased the usefulness of the components and removed any point to craft and collect them.
One may argue that they grew in power, but no, it can’t compensate the former completion bonuses.

Previously was very common to keep yourself constantly out of aether crystals, any spare went on crafting components. Now it makes no sense. My stash is clogged with loads of components I don’t need at all, nor can find any use of, and aether crystals are growing in piles.

I find the changes a poor trade-off, but, well, some vocals on the forum were involved in as well, and majority greeted the changes. So if players find it ok, it’s working fine.

Make it so that combining 5 of similar components produce an upgraded component with stronger bonus and upgrade the skill attached to the component.

Each components can be upgraded 5 times.

I was not playing the game when the completition bonus was in place (had to read the pool post to get a better ideea of how it was with it, and indeed i can imagine it was kinda messy having too many variations of an component… its a mess even now with a bunch of stacked but useless components), my post its purely based on the components as how they are now, something which u dont really care if they drop or not (most of them), when u see components dropping it just feels the game pukes at you again and again…:undecided:

Only thing which (i suppose) requires less work from devs to make the components more appealing it will be to just add some new npc exchanges like how they did with the dynamite to craft something usefull out of them to make u want to pick the components in a more pleasant way. To craft hearts/bloods etc using components seems to me a good start but i bet can be other ideeas also what can be done with some components.

Maybe some kind of enchant via blacksmith… I still think that crafting could be a bit more advanced.

Edit: This game is really totally great. That is really reason for adding more advanced features. I hope that Crate team will evolve this gem further.

I would love to be able to turn my 100’s of Polished Emeralds into something more useful. Even if it took 100 (or more) to craft say an Ancient Heart. There is really no point in collecting any more of them but i can’t help myself. I pick up all components, just the hoarder in me can’t stop.

For example, I would love to see an Empowered Serrated Spike. Use them all the time on my NB pierce builds early on(Piericng Aura is a great for extra damage at lower levels). Would be cool if there was a more powerful version I could use at higher levels.

It’s already present :wink:

Polished emeralds are literally the worst. Why would anyone ever need +8

A Polished Emerald saves you 3 attribute points, that’s why. Very powerful earlygame component for fitting higher quality gear, transitions into a core crafting piece for essentially everything later on.