Controller problem

Man i missed so much and I missed Grim Dawn. I upgraded to Linux after about 30 years with windows cause of their bad AMD optimization. Only problem I have is ( didn’t put much work into it as I work 14-15h a day ) Is getting my generic controller to work I sold one of my pc’s and client needed an xbox controller… Most games detect it as an xbox controller but for some reason Grim Dawn Doesn’t.

did you check the ingame “use non-steam gamepad controller” ?
are you using any steam config controller profiles, if not have you tried, if so have you tried disabling it to not interfere with the ingame default?
*also worth to note that there has been a slew of reports about steam beta client borking controller profile/use left and right, so if in steam beta client try opt out

Ah sorry was so busy. Started Grim Dawn today and my Controller started working… I swear my pc hates me :grin: