Conversion on Winter King Sword and Wyrmclaw

So, I was looking around Grim Tools and examining a few items for inspiration for new Pet builds and I noticed a lack of certain types of conversion. Specifically, Vitality to Cold and Vitality to Fire. There’s Vitality to Elemental, but I think more specialization is needed. And 100% Vitality to Lightning has two options (Stormbringer of Malmouth and Mantle of Mogdrogen). So, I decided to make a suggestion to change the conversion of 50% Lightning to Cold on Winter King Sword to 100% Vitality to Cold. In Pet builds, you are kind of forced to use both the Winter King Crown and sword together (unless playing Shaman because they can use Bysmiel’s Grasp) and the crown can already roll 100% Lightning to Cold which completely wastes the conversion on the weapon. This would greatly improve the performance of spirits from Reap Spirit and Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips on builds specialized in cold damage.

The other thing is the Wyrmclaw which is a super cool off-hand with decent stats for a Fire build, but it simply can’t compete against the damage multipliers and CDR of Fleshwarped Archive and Bloodsworn Codex. And since there’s not a single source of Vitality to Fire conversion (only the conduit for Skeletons) and the conversion on Flame Touched from Korvaak’s Burning Blade doesn’t apply to Pets because of multiplayer related issues, it would be nice to add 100% Vitality to Fire conversion to Wyrmclaw as a niche option for Fire Pet builds. Also, adding +2 to Thermite Mine on the item is also interesting because of its theme. It’s a body part of a wyrm removed after death which would make sense for a Defiler.