Cornucopia 0.3.3 - Legendaries, MI's, Relics and more!

Grim Dawn: Cornucopia v0.3.3I1
hotfixed/bugfixed 3/18/17

Cornucopia003 Dropbox Link
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Do not use the version below. It’s for whoever has been ignoring that it will be discontinued. The version below will not exist in the next release. We are abandoning the below 002 version because it used a naming method for files we had to use when the mod tools were first released and there were errors in files sharing vanilla file’s name. But the below version is harder to merge for other modders, and takes up more space on your computer. We were going to let it run for one more release but it’s just been a major PITA and just complicated the process of development for Ceno and I. I personally can no longer stomach it, and coupled with solid reasons we’re just going to abandon it now. It won’t receive hotfix updates either, so please only use 003 above.
Cornucopia002 Dropbox Link
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Full Patch Notes - This post only represents a fraction of this release, and covers mostly over-arching changes.

Are you guys excited? We’ve been working on this since vanilla! (yikes) Long story short, real life came for both Ceno and I and we made due. But here it is, Cornucopia v0.3.3! Item phase: Legendaries/MI’s/Relics! Be assured that we need your help more than ever to get feedback on our changes. Some of what we’ve done has definitely gone too far, some not far enough. The simple fact of the matter is that the scope of this version was far too large for us to personalyl test. So please be patient and let us know your opinions on things (after you’ve actually played with them) and we’ll do our best to release hotfixes tuning this into a reasonable place. Be aware that we are now finally entering the next phase after this: Making the game harder again, but in hopefully more interesting ways. Version 0.4 will be monster balance, and we’ll most likely divide it up by each act (0.41, 0.42 etc.)

I personally plan to do a lot of hotfix support for things that fell to a lesser priority rung in our development but still nags at my soul. I’ll probably tweak faction rares a bit more, update some more epics that still suck, etc. So do provide us feedback, elaborate or not. We also ask for your patience in this specific release because we have finally tackled rebalancing the attributes! (Changes below) Attribute changes affect all enemies of course, and while we tried to balance the changes out a bit via the enemy difficulty modifiers, some enemies heavily slanted toward singular attributes may need to be fine tuned individual. A lot of this won’t make it until 0.4 but I will try to handle worst case outliers in hotfixes.

Basically: Balancing attributes is rather complex and may take a lot of work to get it right, so that means multiple iterations. We hope you’ll be patient because in getting this right we will create a much more rich and interesting meta where your attribute choices matter, and monster attributes also define them a little better as well. Another thing worth noting is that a TON of the skill icons for the abilities/buffs we added are the same as already existing icons. Well… art takes a lot of time and we didn’t feel like delaying this release another month or more because of some small square icons. So be patient because they’re placeholders and eventually they’ll be phased out for some fresh ones (probably just recolors of existing icons lolol). 

And as always, consider that some of our changes may be made with long-term goals in mind, so what seems OP now may not seem OP after monsters, specifically heroes and bosses, get a good deal tougher. Finally, many thanks to Kathanious who helped us implement all these changes, his assistance was a great boon to this mod. Final Note: The hover-text on attributes in your inventory screen is inaccurate. PMed Zantai to see if I can edit the text there and fix it... but if not you will have to reference the change below... which I will put in bold

Please see for our google doc listing all changes. It’s fucking huge and worth skimming over. The changes in this forum thread only represent a fraction of what is in this link


  • Marginally reduced enemy OA in Ultimate difficulty on account of other changes made here. Substantially reduced enemy DA in all difficulties on account of other changes here, but all in all, enemies will have a very slight DA buff in Ultimate.
  • Revamped Attributes! Not balanced yet, especially in regard to monsters but this paves the way for future changes that will be balanced around this system. Need feedback for tweaks until we get it right regardless.[LIST]
  • Physique: Removed Defensive Ability. HP per physique 2.5 -> 3. HP regen per physique 0.04 -> approx. 0.07. Added physique hp regen multiplier of (1 + (physique/3500)) so if you have 3500 physique you’d be multiplying your hp regen by 2.
  • Cunning: Added 0.6 DA per cunning. 0.5 OA per cunning -> 0.8. Removed physical and pierce damage bonuses.
  • Spirit: Gained Cunning’s %damage type bonuses. Added 0.25 DA per spirit. 2 energy per spirit -> 2.5, +0.25% energy regen per point -> ~+0.3%, +0.01 flat energy regen -> +0.04. Now gives 0.45% all damage per point.[/ul]
  • Changed Offensive Ability Crit Threshold multipliers from x1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 to x1.05/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4. Also changed the final crit threshold from 135% chance to hit to 140% (you need a higher OA - enemyDA difference to reach the 1.4 multiplier now)
  • Fixed issue where Legendaries introduced in weren’t dropping in Cornucopia.
  • Cleaned up component tooltip text to correctly reflect which slots components could be placed in.
  • Merged the latest version of the GDReforge mod.
  • Reduced enemy health in Ultimate to Vanilla, levels, but increased enemy health on Normal/Elite to levels as well. Increased enemy movement speed on Ultimate by a flat 5%.
  • Swept through the files of Cornucopia in comparison with the base game and patched up any inconsistencies we neglected between version releases for Grim Dawn.
  • Merged a variant of the autoloot mod (People Are Lazy). This variant only autoloots rare (purple) crafting materials, no components.
    [li]Fixed around 70 bugs, including certain completion bonuses for mythical relics not rolling correctly. Let us know of any persistent issues.[/li][/LIST]
  • Enabled Spears and Staves on item skills as appropriate. The schematic used for doing so is thus: any skills which required a caster offhand or a 2H ranged weapon will also work with Staves. Any skills requiring a 1H melee weapon will work with Spears.
  • Following the schema described above, Augments/Components are now usable on Spears/Staves. Spears count as Swords for edge cases. Staves use Potent Augments, Spears regular Augments.
  • All legendary items below lvl 65 have now been raised to 65 or higher, and had their stats improved. We want to create a higher variety of end-gear choices and we felt there were so many legendary items with cool concepts and/or abilities that it’d be nice to be able to have them end up on your finished character. Base stats have been increased for most legendaries that had their level increased, among other changes we’ll list.
  • Mandates are now tradeable (previously could be put in stash, but not dropped or traded).
  • Reduced Pierce Chance of Rifles with 100% Chance ((Empowered) Will of Fate, Vortex of Souls) to 70% chance so as to bring them in line with other rifles while maintaining their uniqueness.
  • Combat Medic Mark heal nerfed.
  • Obsidian Seal now gives +1 flame touched
  • Empowered Obsidian Seal now gives +2 flame touched
  • Increased the duration of consumable elixirs without cooldowns (or 1 second cooldowns) and improved the effects of those with cooldowns. The intent here is partially a QoL change so you don’t need to spam Oils so much, but also a buff to the existing Tinctures to get them to be used more often:[LIST]
  • Elixir of the Hunt: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Bloodfang Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Arcanum Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Venomfang Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Dermapteran Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Heartseeker Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Ice-Blood Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Kymon’s Sacred Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Rhowari Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Stoneheart Oil: Duration increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Blade-Ward Tincture: Increased Duration from 10 seconds to 25 seconds; Cooldown from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. Swapped +400% Piercing Retaliation with +500% All Retaliation.
  • Courageous Tincture: Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 1 second (identical to ‘Oils’). Duration increased from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Now also grants 5% Physical Resist to affected allies.
  • Frostguard Tincture: Duration increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds; Cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Now also reduces enemies’ DA.
  • Kymon’s Wrath Tincture: Doubled the duration of the Burn DoT.
  • Wrath of the Beast Tincture: Duration increased from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Now grants your pets +12% OA but -4% DA.
    [Class & Skills]
  • Amatok - Blizzard: Reduced projectiles 20->12. Shrank target radius a bit. But boosted cold damage by 68% and frostburn by 75% (multiplicatively). So this is ever so slightly a buff, and was done to reduce fps drops from blizzard going off.
  • Targo the Builder - Fixed a bug where the shield recovery node made you worse at using a shield.
  • Anvil - Targo’s Hammers: Halved stun chance. It was found that, because we removed the ability for the hammers to be broken when they collided with a projectile, it was far too easy to amass a collection of hammers that could permanently stun a crowd of enemies. It should be harder to do so now than before, but may still be possible…in which case we may well wind up removing the stun chance altogether and maybe replacing it with something else…Armor Reduction, maybe? -Ceno
  • Viper - reverted our nerf, now has 20% elemental resist reduction. “I was wrong” -Doom

[li]Blade Arc - Now works with Spears.[/li]
[li]Blitz - Now works with Spears.[/li]
[li]Shred - Now works with Staves.[/li]
[li]Veterancy - Increased Health Regenerated per second by a whopping 108% (multiplicatively). At 20/10, you’ll have a permanent Giant’s Blood’s (Devotion proc) worth of health regen (240/second). Following this adjustment, non-Ultimate ranks had the health regen reduced by 33% (multiplicatively), for a slight increase in effectiveness at earlier ranks before the gargantuan increase you can get with substantial investment.[/ul][/li]Demolitionist[ul]
[li]Fixed the layout of this fucking mastery already.[/li]
[li]Removed flat damage and AoE nature of Ulzuin’s Chosen. Now behaves like any other Exclusive Buff. -I thought I already did this >.> -Ceno[/li]
[li]Searing Strike - Now works with Spears. No longer works with 2H weapons (this was a Cornucopia bug, not a Vanilla bug).[/li]
[li]Searing Might - Now works with Staves.[/li]
[li]Mortar Trap - 5s cooldown -> 4.5s. Now can summon 2 at a time right from rank 1, up to 3 at your first ultimate rank.[/li]
[li]Bloody Pox -%hp regen now scales to 250% at +10 ultimate rank. Removed -fire resist. No idea why this was here. Added scaling for -OA and -DA. Nerfed ranks 1-16 by 8%.[/li]
[li]Fevered Rage - Nerfed Damage Modified 25% -> 15%. Given how much I buffed the BP line’s base values, this was too much. Oversight that i forgot to do this in the first place. May need more nerfing.[/li]
[li]Wasting - Nerfed ranks 1-16 by 8%.[/li]
[li]Shadow Strike - Now works with Spears.[/li]
[li]A popular point of contention with Arcanist’s iteration of PRM is that it simply didn’t do enough damage and had too high an energy cost (similar to AAR, hm?). We had previously increased its damage in some places and reduced the energy cost of Proliferation, but now we’re taking it one more (slight) step further. [/li]
[li]Panetti’s Replicating Missile - Reduced energy cost in Ultimate ranks by 1/rank, down from 56 to 46 at 26/16. Damage at all ranks increased by 8%, multiplicatively.[/li]
[li]Distortion - Energy cost at 21 and 22/12 reduced to 31 and 32, from 32 and 34, respectively.[/li]
[li]Supercharged - Now has identical energy cost requirements as Distortion at all ranks. %Chance of Stun Target increased by 2.5% (flat) at all ranks.[/li]
[li]Devastation - Now works with Staves.[/li]
[li]Albrecht’s Aether Ray - Now enabled to work with Staves. [/li]
[li]Trozan’s Sky Shard - Removed the scaling radius we added and moved it to frozen core.[/li]
[li]Frozen Core - Increased frostburn damage by 20%, improved %cold damage scaling, especially in ultimate ranks. Added projectile explosion radius scaling. Hopefully this makes this stop being a 1 point wonder. Now only scales to a max of 2.3 radius. Was too consistent on top of our other buffs. This skill is still top tier, trust me.[/li]
[li]Mirror of Ereoctes - Now starts at only 65% damage absorb. Scaling to 88% at 12/12, 90 at ultimate rank 13 and onward, but gains a bit of duration in ultimate ranks. Feel free to ask me (doom) why I don’t let this scale to 100% yet let some items give 100% invuln. I have good reasons.[/li]
[li]Savagery - Removed the 9th Charge Level. Energy cost of Ultimate ranks increased by 0.33/rank, unnoticeable at early Ultimate ranks but raised from 10->13 at 26/16. This is intended to be a minor nerf to Savagery’s double-scaling with % Weapon Damage and the charge multiplier to bring things like the Ultos set back in line with other sets.[/li]
[li]Mogdrogen’s Pact and Heart of the Wild. Took a flat 10% of the bonus health from heart of the wild and moved it onto Mogdrogen’s Pact, dispersed all the way through it’s ultimate ranks. Mog’s Pact gets the 10% health at 20/12 so you’ll need +8. [/li]
[li]Might of the Bear - Now works with Staves.[/li]
[li]Wind Devil - Merged changes. Also increased its base movement speed from 0.8 to 2.7 (slightly exceeding that of a player with 150% movespeed, the Cornucopia cap). It seemed as though part of the problem with Wind Devil’s AI was that it took forever for them to reach their targets and, once their target died, it took too long for them to get back to helping the player. We may make them faster still, depending on how this plays out.[/li]
[li]Maelstrom - Merged changes. Also made the lightning interval 1.5 seconds rather than 2.0 seconds. This results in 2 extra instances of damage over the 12 second duration.[/li]
[li]Storm/Corrupted Totem: Increased Damage scaling (to approximately that of Fixed bug where Corrupted Totem was not dealing Vitality Damage.[/li]
Old Version: v0.3.2
Development Thread: Development Thread

Can you believe it’s finally here? I can’t.

Cornucopia v0.3.2 was released in July of 2016, more than half a year ago. Cornucopia v0.3.3 began development in October of 2016, four months ago. Between then and now, adoomgod and I have made literally thousands of changes to Grim Dawn’s endgame via it’s Legendary and Monster Infrequent itemization as well as playerside skills. We’ve incorporated several quality of life updates from GDReforge to the ‘People Are Lazy’ autopickup mod, making adjustments to each of them as necessary to fit in with Cornucopia’s theme. Every single item and skill and Devotion node has fallen under Cornucopia’s radar. We’ve now even reworked the way the base attribute system works, fundamentally changing the strategies that go into building a character. I think it’s safe to say that Cornucopia is now much less a rebalancing mod and much more a total gameplay overhaul.

Getting here was tough, I’ll be honest with you. Even when real life wasn’t in the way (which it often was), the sheer daunting size of the intended update dissuaded me from working on it on more than one occasion. At times, I began to wonder if it’d ever be finished and if the work would ever be worth it. There’s no doubt in my mind, now, that indeed, the time and effort thrown into developing this update has been well spent. Cornucopia v0.3.3 is fun. I enjoy playing it well more than I enjoy playing the base game. As ‘fun’ has always been our goal, I eagerly declare “Mission accomplished!”. I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I have.

I’m taking a break from development. A couple weeks, I think. I’ll certainly eagerly fix up anything broken or awkward in the mod within that time of course, but I’m hesitant to jump right into building the next version of the mod, where we’ll be tweaking enemies, rather than players. There’s still stuff I very much want to get done in the next version, but I am no longer aware of how much I need to get done. The mod is awesome and fun! Why fix what isn’t broken? Because we can make it better, that’s why. I just don’t know how yet.

Plus, you know, I’m a little tired.

Cornucopia v0.3.3 is one hell of a beast. Do try to tame it. If you seek assistance in conquering it, who knows, maybe you’ll see me online playtesting my own mod. :slight_smile:

Signing off (for now) with love to an amazing fanbase,


Congrats and take the time to relax.

Removed flat damage and AoE nature of Ulzuin’s Chosen. Now behaves like any other Exclusive Buff. -I thought I already did this >.> -Ceno

So it behaves like Stormcaller Pact and such? If so, i really wish it behaved likes this in vanilla. Closest we got in vanilla to a fire exclusive skill is Reckless Power and that’s primarly aether.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, thank you! Finally, I can spam lightning with a staff T wT oh happy day!

Ok so I’m playing it now at lvl 76. My thoughts so far is that somehow trash mobs seem trashier, but hero/boss mobs seem a bit better? Not intended but hmm. I think monsters need more OA. Thoughts? Also guys if any of you want to go through the whole google docs and make sure everything in game matches them that’d be great lol.

The first download link (003 dropbox) must be wrong, it leads me nowhere, the correct one seems to be

I have no opinion yet, as I have yet to see anything beyond early game. All I know is that a P-blades build calls to me, and I seek to answer it.

Congrats to the Cornucopia’s modders for your amazing work and God bless staves :smiley:

Ok, I see how to change attribute descriptions as well as which bonuses appear under which stat… but not sure I can add new bonuses… like I want to add a line under physique that displays the multiplier x(1 + physique/3500)

but not sure how to put that in yet… long story short I will be able to hotfix the attribute screen a bit to be more relatable to our changes.

fixed thx.

fixed thx.

Some of the skill changes don’t seem to be right.

Mogdrogen’s Pact doesn’t show any % health bonus and Trozan’s Sky Shard still shows the AoE increase on Sky Shard, not Frozen Core.

I checked some of the other changes like items and Demolitionist looks fixed skill-wise with the right changes, Ulzuin’s Chosen being non AoE, but a couple of things are a little off. Can anyone confirm?

Hey, I just noticed a small bug with your clearing of attribute requirements on items, the Devil’s Crossing faction vendor has 2 items that are still requiring physique. Keeping an eye out for more things like that, I think I remember seeing a few others.

That’s a lot of changes, looks good.
I love all the items that are build enablers now.

I’m also glad you decided to put some DA on Spirit and raised the Energy regen. Will have to see how the Physique change works in practice, but all 3 stats look viable now.

Item feedback:

Divinesteel Hauberk: Added 1200 health. Divine Guard Aura: 10% hp buff -> 20%. 150 energy reserved -> 250.
Why is this item buffed so much? It was already one of the best non-set armors in the game, but now it’s practically a must-have if you don’t use a set.

Guthook Belt: Added Proc “Guthook” which is like chain lightning but with pierce/bleed/trauma damage.
I mentioned this in the feedback forum as well, but currently this belt doesn’t support Lightning builds at all, can this item be adjusted or can we get a second +1 Shaman belt that caters toward Lightning?
It also doesn’t give any OA/DA like all class belts do (except Oleron’s) which is another strike against it.

Panetti’s Replicating Wand: Added 30 Spirit.
I would like to see this item finally be useful for PRM, currently it’s just really bad.
The stats on this could use some padding tailored toward the skill, and the proc should be the strongest version of the PRM-style procs, IMO.
Currently there’s just no reason at all to use this over Clairvoyant’s, most of the top end +1 Arcanist weapons, etc. If you compare this to Wrath of the Ascendant or the new Aldritch weapon, it just looks like a turd.

The Clairvoyant: Removed +1 all skills from the helmet, increased the 4/4 set bonus from +1 to +2 all skills.

This was my favorite item, you fiends. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe it’s an idea to add some of the set bonus stats back to this item like you’ve done with some other sets, cause currently this item is now useless as an individual item (look at the remaining stats).
Or add some new stats to it, but that would buff a set that is already very strong.

Hi there

Nice to see this done. Most changes I understand except one. Why did Warpfire get Nightblade and Shaman skill +1? :confused:

Warpfire needed to be nerfed because it had too much synergy with Sorcerers (Arcanist/Demolitionist). It still maintains a good deal of that synergy, it’s just not quite so strong. Rather than gutting Warpfire’s uniqueness like Crate did in Vanilla GD and reduce its conversion, we decided to make Warpfire slightly less appealing for Sorcerers and slightly more appealing with Spellbreakers, Druids, Saboteurs, and Elementalists.

Bonescythe dont have it own skill?

Yes. My Sorcerer used the item :stuck_out_tongue: This I understand. There are many other good items for sorcerer which can be used.

Is the internal trauma change for the grenado still in debate? I looked over the demolitionist tree when I tested my AAR-sorcerer and saw two Skyfire Grenados linked to it. With this I probably try out a Elementalist with heavy focus on lightning damage.

The autoloot seems to be eating my Aether Crystals. I haven’t run across any other lavender colored crafting loot to see if it eats those too, though.

Divinesteel Hauberk: I’m not sure it’s a must have but I was worried we over-buffed it. It is still a defensive item and some players will find defense in other slots and build offensive torso here. Honesty I didn’t think much players were using it before. I want to keep the health buffs so if anything I’d tone down other things (may town down the aura %health bonus to 15% tho). We wanted it to be like, THE super hp item. Still want it to be that, but will review for toning down of other stats. Also consider that we can make its drop rate a lot rarer and remove it from random legendary crafter’s list of possible torsos. Also, we’re not perfect :wink:

Guthook Belt: I dunno what you’re talking about. It’s not meant to be a lightning item. It’s pierce, physical and bleed. It doesn’t cast chain lightning, it casts a literal metal bloody chain that acts like chain lightning. Let me know if it’s still lack-luster in that regard. Also I’m not convinced every class needs a +1 all class skills belt. Will add oa to this fucker tho

Panetti’s Replicating Wand: I love/hate the granted skill. I love it in concept, but I have serious doubt that it’s helpful to the build. Maybe it belongs somewhere else… I’m considering giving the wand a high chance on attack/low cooldown extra cast of PRM. Alternatively considering using our new mechanic we’ve talked about but not implemented of giving it +10 to a hidden skill feature of PRM. Here I agree. Buffs will come.

Clairvoyant’s Hat: I literally had a feeling you’d comment exactly as you did on here. I was debating from the start of moving the +3 fabric of reality and +3 second rite to the hat from the set bonuses. Thoughts? Still might not do it. Is it so bad that it’s “bad?” You can’t complete the set without it and the set is good. I don’t mind some set items being worse as individual items if they make for a great set. Flexibility is nice, I know, but I don’t want this out competing non-set-helms without the full set.

I said SOME MI’s, not all got new skills. I thought bonescythe was decently strong as it was in vanilla, no?

Uh WOOPS I believe that’s just oversight on our part. I think we were just going to port the new grenado. Will fix.

I never worked with the merging of the autoloot, Ceno put that in so I’m guessing Ceno will fix it. Thx for report