Could they make veteran lvling more like Apocalypse mod. Former cataclysm mod. Its soo much more fun

I acually care about every spell the monsters are doing and have to change the build all the time early for it to work. It acually feel like i accomplish something when i kill a tiny boss after kiteing for my life and die several times.

Always have to buy new pots even from the beggining and not easy to get the economy to work.

Simply love this mod and since they now planning to be able to start with any difficulty i think the hardest one (ultimate) should be something like this. Simply much more fun.

Also heard the other day when they streamed on twitch that they hardley never play the game themself. I guess it is like working on a pizzeria, you dont enjony the food you see all day.
However could it be because endgame is a bit boring and unfullfilled? Could they learn something from path of exile where you have maps and stuff and the endgame is kind of where the game starts?

In FG you’ll be able to start on ultimate, level 1.

I think I’ve got my share of Grim Dawn play time. And this is after it was first up on Steam to track such things. :wink:

I fundamentally disagree that the “endgame” is where the game should “start”.

As mentioned above, you can start on Ultimate on your alt characters in Forgotten Gods using new tokens, if you so choose.

Has nothing to do with endgame being unfulfilling and boring. As said, they work on the game all day. So tell me, when you finish your day’s work do you go home and then do more work for fun? I doubt it. If they do play a game, they’ll probably want to play something different.

If you want Apocolypse levelling then play that mod. Changing Veteran now would probably require rebalancing the whole game since it would affect your levelling in Elite and Ultimate. Or try doing Ultimate while you’re L1 when FG comes out.

I think that grim dawn’s end game could stand to be more robust, but “endgame is where the game starts” is fundamentally shit design and a big reason why I don’t play WoW anymore.

I fill like the shattered realm in FG is there end game its a never ending dungeon were the monsters get stronger until you can’t kill them anymore.



Not sure how far you played in it, I only played to level 7 or so and did not really have as rough a start as you described - which is a good thing too, because I am not interested in punishing difficulty levels…

Feel free to start in Ultimate with the expansion, haven’t done that yet, but assume it will be similar to what you describe

As to ‘endgame is where the game starts’, that to me is the stupidest notion in all of gaming. The start of the game is where it starts, the end of the main quest line is where it ends or is close to that in ARPGs where you tend to farm a little longer.
Endgame is pointless grind invented by MMOs so people keep paying their subscription fees, I am not the least bit interested in it.

Not much to add to what others have said beyond… Welcome to the forums Isbjorn :smiley:

If you really want challenge, when the Forgotton Gods expansion hits, then start Ultimate at level 1 and head straight for the Shattered Realms, that should keep you well busy :stuck_out_tongue:

I was definitely out of line saying that it starts at endgame or that it should start there. However like always it could be wealthier and im not doubting you working your ass of to improve it. Im sure you already thought of that comparison. I appreciate the reply.

I loved D2 as a kid and i love the music and playing around with diffrent builds in this game. Gave me similar goosebumps the first times. I also love that its possible to play singleplayer/lan or multiplayer and that you can be able to mod.
Always been a huge fan of choices in games and this story makes me care about the quests.

The crafting system is great.

I hope that ultimate difficulty steadily progresses in a way like that mod and not like i sometime feels now that its easy easy then i get one shottet in a bit weird way. If the thought haven’t already crossed your minds, an inspiration could be taken from his work :slight_smile:

Im coming late for the party here and guess this has been nagged on already however when D3 released immortal mobile I saw a lot of comments that POE is the real diablo 3, poe is great in its own way but this is much more like D2. I couldnt see any top comments about grim dawn though, wierd since every arpg fan should know about it.

Even Eric Sexton works here(which makes this more d3:P). Who is he on the forum and how much has he been involed to create this new expansion?:slight_smile:
It says it at the bottom of his introduction thread. Hyboreal.

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